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Hungry for snax: Group D of DreamHack Masters Stockholm

(Photo courtesy of DreamHack. Photographer: Adela Sznajder.)

Made in Brazil (MiBR): Stewie2k, tarik, FalleN, coldzera, fer

With a proper coach in YNk, MiBR now have all the pieces required for a structured team with defined roles. The team is coming off a win at ZOTAC Cup Masters and is looking for a good tournament run here, right before the upcoming FACEIT Major.

As one of the favorites to make it deep in Stockholm, MiBR has added pressure to perform following their recent victory. Each player on the roster is world-class in his own right, from FalleN's in-game leadership to Stewie2k's explosive style. And YNk in as coach to control every little nuance and detail, this team has a real shot at making it through to the Ericsson Globe.

Gambit: AdreN, Dosia, mou, mir, H0bbit

(Photo courtesy of StarLadder. Photographer: Igor Bezborodov.)

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This will be Gambit’s first event following the player break with coach Blad3, who is currently on loan from Flipsid3. His first-ever event, IEM Shanghai, saw the team place 3rd-4th. Not a bad performance with a new coach in, but more is required from this team if they are to make it through to the Ericsson Globe and beyond.

With the main qualifier for the FACEIT Major approaching fast, all eyes turn to the team’s core three members: AdreN, mou, and Dosia. While the first two players have maintained consistent positive numbers throughout this first half of 2018, Dosia has been relatively underperforming and taken more of a backseat. If Gambit is to make the second half of 2018 a successful one, Dosia will need to improve his standing on the leaderboard and ensure his team’s deep run here in Stockholm and soon in London.

mousesports: Snax, oskar, chrisJ, ropz, suNny


(Photo courtesy of StarLadder. Photographer: Igor Bezborodov.)

Since acquiring Snax from Virtus.Pro, mousesports has seen mixed offline results. In the team’s first appearance at ESL One Cologne, chrisJ and company failed to make the playoffs at the LANXESS Arena, being eliminated to allu's ENCE eSports in a 0-2 sweep. ELEAGUE Premier saw the squad take a near-180 and take a 3-4th place finish, with oskar leading the way in K/D ratio and K/D differential.

This event will gauge mousesports’s performance heading into the second half of the year. And all eyes are on Snax, the team’s newest member, to step up. The European squad is coming off the player break with an improved system that Snax can better conform to.

HellRaisers: nukkye, bondik, ANGE1, DeadFox, ISSAA

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(Photo courtesy of StarLadder. Photographer: Igor Bezborodov.)


HellRaisers will once again be without w0xic, who has confirmed via Twitter that he will miss DreamHack Masters Stockholm due to visa issues. This could not have come at a worse time for the team, as this event will be an indicator of the team’s performance heading into the main qualifier for the upcoming FACEIT Major. Not fielding a full five-man roster will be a major disadvantage.

Standing in for w0xic is nukkye, the 20-year-old Lithuanian playing for The Imperial. Compared to prior stand-ins for w0xic, such as fetjZ, nukkye fits more in line with the player HellRaisers is looking for: a capable and mobile AWPer. Given how last-minute this substitution is, the squad will be at quite a disadvantage compared to the competition.


  1. MiBR - Strong, world-class players with multiple Major Championships under the belt. And now with a proper coach in YNk, MiBR has all the pieces in place to top their group.
  2. mousesports - The team is on an upswing. With Snax displaying promising signs, a little boost is all it takes for mouz to make it to the Ericsson Globe.
  3. Gambit - A new coach in Blad3 and a strong showing at IEM Shanghai would suggest Gambit is on the upswing. However, with Dosia having fallen off a tad bit in this first half of 2018 and mir — the team’s newest member — being inconsistent, I see this team falling just short of the Ericsson Globe.
  4. HellRaisers - With a (very) last-minute substitution, HellRaisers have ended their run before the start of the tournament. Nukkye will have extremely limited time to try and fit within their system and style of play.
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