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Hazed: "If these MDL teams can't beat us, they don't deserve to play pro"


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You've been in Mythic for just over nine months. Can you talk me through the process of Mythic recruiting you? I understand it's not like most teams as you get to stream nearly everything you do as a team, but did it take much for them to convince you?

It was a very quick decision because they were mid-season when they approached me. The decision itself was pretty difficult in that I wasn't sure if I wanted to take the risk in growing on my own and reaping the benefits through sponsorships or go with an established team with a good fanbase that could help my stream, but also restrict me sponsorship wise. 

What made me decide to go through with it was that fl0m promised me I wouldn't be tied to a contract, so I had the ability to do anything I pleased. Fl0m's always looking out for us and trying to do what's in our best interest. He's just a genuinely amazing person and I'm glad he came to me for the team. As for how long it took me to join from when first contacted: two days.

The team has improved steadily since you've joined. Congratulations on making playoffs of MDL. Individually you have had some insane stats rifling on this team this season. What do you think has improved this season in the team the most? And are your stats due to you feeling comfortable in your team role or is it more you having a significant experience advantage?

Thank you! The team has just improved a lot in that we have kind of understood what our strengths are on each map. It usually takes time to adjust to any roster change, especially when players who are swapped have vastly different play styles. 

LeX was a very passive player and usually filled a supportive role for the team. I'm the total opposite. So my performances as of late have just come from the team playing around me. I'm allowed to make the plays when I see them and take massive risks. One reason I know I can get away with a lot of it is because I have confidence that I'm just better than my opponents. It sounds conceited, but it's what I believe and the mentality you need to be the best at anything competitive.

Whenever I talk with people about Mythic who really follow the NA MDL scene the only complaint they ever bring up is that Mythic is taking a spot away from a team who would actually take a pro league spot if they qualified from playoffs. Do you have any thoughts on that argument? And if you do end up winning playoffs or placing high enough to attend the MDL Global Challenge LAN would Mythic take the Pro League spot or attend the LAN?

It's an understandable complaint, but you need to be able to play devil's advocate here. Let's be honest, if these MDL teams can't beat us, they don't deserve to play pro. I'm sorry. We don't put in the time pro teams do and we are washed. 

What makes anyone think that they can compete at a pro level if they can't get through the gatekeepers? We are the test. As for if we are going to take the spot if we qualify, that's still up for discussion. We will talk it out when the time comes. I have a feeling we will need to have a conference call with ESL and discuss business.


Lastly, looking at your stats and considering the experience you have it would make sense to me that a pro league team or better MDL team might have asked if you were interested in joining. Has this happened?. I saw on stream you said "they couldn't pay me enough" to join. I know you didn't mean this in an "I'm worth more than they can pay" way, but is it the practice and travel schedule that are the factors for you not being on a "pro" team? Or is it something else?

No pro teams have approached me. Only one MDL team has approached me, but it was before I joined Mythic and that team was the roster with Swag before they left. I don't remember the whole roster anymore because it was like 9 months ago. I'm mainly trolling when I say I'm worth more than they can pay and I think it's pretty well known I'm trolling, but even if they approached me, I would ask for way more money than they would want to pay me. 

It's not that I think I'm that good, it's just not worth my time and I don't enjoy the gruelling travel and practice. Do I miss the tournaments? More than I can put into words. I just returned from IEM Chicago and i got to see so many friends from the pro scene I don't get to see anymore. I got to see FNS and Tarik, my former teammates, and it was so emotional for me. Those guys are family. But I have to put my financial future in jeopardy in order to be pro again so I would need someone to step up with a lot of money which just will not happen.

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