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Hadji: " We were not on the same page on how we see the game and doubted our play style and Happy's lead."

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myst: First off, I want to go back to the end of your time on the old Envyus lineup, what went wrong in your eyes which ultimately led to the team’s fallout and the birth of the Leftout team?

Hadji: I think we never really had a good cohesion together, we were not on the same page on how we see the game and doubted our play style and Happy's lead. I think as well that some of us were not versatile enough. On top of that we didn't have good communication so, unfortunately, there were a lot of elements for a team to work properly and win which we did not have. I would say losing the EPL spot was the start of the end for the team, and something was broken from there.

myst: Unfortunately, your team fell short in making the major, how was the overall feel going into the minor? Was there a lot of preparation put into the event or were things more laid back going in?

Hadji: Before the minor closed qualifier we didn't know what the roster for the qualifier would be since some players were not really motivated to play, and said that they will wait for a good offer to come to them and if they get nothing they will play with us the qualifier then. 

So we played the qualifier, made it to the minor. We had one week off and the next week we practiced a lot, I think seven or eight practice a day. We felt pretty prepared, but we lost 16-14 against ENCE and then against the French of 3dmax who prepared pretty well for the match against us.

myst: More recently you have just signed with The Imperial squad, what about this team excited you to prompt you to leave Leftout in favor of them?


Hadji: I am really excited to join Imperial. In my opinion all the players in the team have insane skills and are versatile players. The coach as well, Neil is bringing a lot to the team. I think the fact that we are all young with the hunger of winning and the fact that we played so much pugs and fpl helps us to understand faster and make us see the game in the same way.

myst: This will now be your first non-French speaking competitive team to date, how do you feel tackling this goal and more so your thoughts overall on international lineup phase we have been seeing nowadays?

Hadji: Obviously when you see international teams like FaZe or Mouz, it feels like this is the future of the scene to have more teams like this. I think it's a good thing and as you know I only played with French teams and coming to this international team, it feels like the mentality is different but I really like it. I guess sometimes the communication can be a bit difficult when it comes to explaining an idea of name a specific spot on the map but it is getting better day after day.

myst: You have seen a meteoric rise since joining EnVyUs Academy and being promoted to the main squad, what can you attribute to this rise the most?

Hadji:  I had a lot of freedom in EnVyUs Academy thanks to Lambert so i could do a lot of things that helped me to progress as a player and put myself in advantageous positions. I was playing lower tier teams as well, so it's easier than playing the tier 1 teams.

myst: Closing the interview do you have anything to say to your fans or any shoutouts?

Hadji: I want to thank you for the interview and every one that supports me and my team. I want to thank my coach Neil for giving me this opportunity. Stay tuned cause we have some nice tournaments coming up for us, I hope you guys will support us.

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