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Gade: "North can do big things in the future"

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You’ve had an interesting year. You went to OpTic straight from North Academy and had to move from home to Dallas. How was that experience? 

At the start, it was a good experience. I got to meet new people and work with different people and experience a different culture. It actually went pretty well the first month or so together. It’s hard to say, there were just some personality clashes, and it was just not going to work.

After that OpTic picked up Jugi and Snappi to replace Stanislaw and Shahzam. What were your views on that team?On paper, we had five good players and I think we had some good results, but we never really achieved what we were supposed to. I think some people had confidence issues and we never really peaked. I don’t know what went wrong that lineup. Both T side and CT always seemed messed up, and it felt like we were never in a good period. There was always someone slumping.

You came from an Academy team to playing the Major the same year. You went out 2-3 after losing to Hellraisers in triple-overtime and then to BIG in the 2-2 match. How was that experience overall for you?

It was a good experience overall. It was my first Major. We could’ve been 3-1 I think we just got a bit unlucky. We got completely stomped by Team Liquid, but then won vs VP and then Tyloo in a crazy game on Inferno. I felt as an individual I played decently. I was just trying to learn from all the matches we lost and all the matches I didn’t do well in.

Can you talk about the decision to go to North? I know it seemed like OpTic was on the verge always of working out their issues, but then you wanted to go back to North.


I feel more comfortable on North. Also, I have to look at my future. For me, the OpTic Danish lineup was just not going to work out. I had the opportunity and seized it with North and I’ve been happy since day one. This team is something special and we’re five good friends as well. I think we can do big things in the future.

North replaced MSL with Cadian at the same time they brought you in. How has his style of leadership been going with the team so far?It’s been really good. He’s a great guy and I think he has the guts needed to lead this team. We just have to sort our small issues. We always say we have all the pieces for the puzzle we just have to find a way to put it together. I think it’s a question of time before we do it.

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