Fallen: "So many teams are playing basic CS very well"

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Photo Credit: (Starladder)

We talked to Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo shortly before the grand finals of ESL One: Cologne 2018 began. While Na'Vi would go on to win 3-1, Fallen put a lot of stock into the tactical BIG.  

Obviously, coldzera has done a bit of IGLing now for the team, how is it not having the full responsibility for leading and working under somebody else's leadership who you’ve played with for a long time.


I think it’s the second tournament already that I have been leader of again, and it’s been pretty much the same as it was in the past and we’ve tried to get better all at the same time at understanding the skill sets we can use and stuff like that. I think we did a good job mainly on the terrorist side of this tournament, but on the defense of the CT side things could have been a little bit better, and of course CT side is a little bit more related to the individual part of the game. It’s where you need to mix all those actions together at the same time because it not only depends on what you’re going to do but what your opponent is going to do at the same time, so I think our defense wasn’t so great and needs to be worked on for the next tournament.

Ex6TenZ has said about the G2 roster that he thinks it will take a bit more time, potentially up to a year, for them to get to their peak. Do you think that perhaps Stewie is still relatively new to the team that it will take a bit more time as well to get to your peak?

It’s hard to say, and to be honest it’s even harder to give you a time. It’s all up to how the job’s going to be done and how fast the players are gonna go in order to really be able to be comfortable playing with each other and taking the most you can out of every single play, and right now what I feel for the team’s that we have been proven at a very slow rate that could be a little bit better because it’s been faster in the past, but it’s the improvements that I have been seeing. So for us I think it’s just the test of time if we keep working hard and keep the same mindset.

Obviously, you got to experience BIG first hand in the group stage and then now currently they are playing against Na’Vi. Do you think that BIG are capable of winning?

I think that definitely now in the current state of CS:GO with so many players with huge talent and players that are actually playing the basic parts of Counter-Strike very well that it isn’t only BIG and there are other teams that are coming up that need to go through qualifiers and see how hard it is to qualify for Majors and stuff like that. 

The whole nature and basics of CS is getting to a point where AWPers can do damage, there’s no easy teams to be facing anymore and BIG is proving this point once more. So yeah, I think that if they get the decider rounds and really go get the pistols and break Na’Vi economy to make sure they get the crowd hype they can get the Na’Vi players a little tilted as well then they can for sure take it. You can’t really say that Na’Vi is a favorite for this.

As an AWPer, do you think that smooya has what it takes to potentially be among those sort of top tier of AWPers in the future with a bit more experience?


He’s definitely a very good AWPer already, and of course he’s taking risks and looking for fights every time. He kind of has his ups and downs because sometimes he’s giving free kills as well, but that’s just the life of an AWPer. Sometimes you make it easy for your team, sometimes you make it harder. I definitely think that smooya with more experience, more big stage matches, and improving in every match will become a very good AWPer because he has what it takes.

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

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