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device: "gla1ve is a perfect in game leader"

Photo Credit: (Dominik Schroeder)

This is your second major title. Is it as special as winning ELEAGUE Atlanta or is it more special? 

It’s definitely special. I don’t think anything can compare to the first time you win a major; it is still surreal and I am so proud of everyone involved in our team. The grind has been tough at times but also very rewarding. Really happy for Magisk as well its his first major win. Glad to share this experience with him and its really great to be here. 

We talked to Xyp9 at media day and he said your communication is very key to your success. Do you believe that is what let you have such comfortable games throughout the playoffs? 

I think that is a key point and I also think that it is our preparation and the way we play as a unit that are the main reasons why we are calm and collected and we don’t make too many mistakes. Obviously, the chemistry and family bond we have is special and one of the reasons we are so good. 

Everyone was saying the Team Liquid semifinal could have been the grand final, but you looked very comfortable. Were you more comfortable in the Liquid match or the Na’Vi match? 

I think we had a tough way with FaZe in quarters, Liquid in semis and Na’Vi as the final boss in the finals. I don’t think Liquid and Na’Vi didn’t play their best, kudos to us for not letting them get in their comfort zone, but also I feel like they can play better and we have seen that at previous events where we lost or played close to them. Might have been nerves or something else, but I am really happy we are here and that we were so calm in the playoffs. 


Nuke was very comfortable and you were able to close out Overpass. At what point did you feel like you were going to close out the grand final? 

Honestly, I felt like we were in control of Overpass the whole time like it was a special feeling that we were going to grind it out. There were some tough rounds here and there. Of course a great team like Na’Vi will surprise you with some new stuff on their map pick, but we felt really comfortable and did not get nervous which is a key element as to why did won. 

You didn’t drop a map in the playoffs, what do you feel about beating the best team in the major and how do you feel about your upcoming events? 

Well we have a little break but its only two days before we go to (BLAST) Istanbul for our next tournament so those two days we are going to relax. It has been four long weeks for the guys. In the future we definitely have stuff to work on as we didn’t play perfectly, for example we lost both pistol rounds on Nuke and there is always things we can get better at and that is one of the reasons we are so good because we always see the flaws even when we are winning big which helps us improve. 

Do you think you can take IEM Katowice the next major? 

It is a while away and there are so many tournaments in between. Thinking that far ahead is like thinking 5 years ahead in normal life. If we continue this way and keep grinding and keep our motivation I am sure we can do it but I am sure there will be roster changes and some new teams rise as that is how the circle goes. We will take it one tournament at the time. 

Say Na’Vi banned Nuke, would you have picked Cache? 

Yes, honestly it was an easy decision. We are quite good at Cache because we play all seven maps. That is one of the reasons we dominate because they removed Cobblestone and we hated Cobble. We would have picked it instantly in the same way I am sure they would have picked Train if we did not pick it. We changed a lot on Overpass from practice after losing to North. 

Everything about your T-side is incredible. What does gla1ve bring to the team that makes it so special? 

Gla1ve is a perfect in-game leader. I think that he gets a lot of key elements from zonic and also the team. We are really good at giving him the information he needs to be adaptive mid-round. This tournament he has done so many things on the fly that have worked out. We are confident we are doing the right thing and when you are in that zone it is hard to be uncomfortable. 

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