25 Sep 2020 5:22 PM +00:00

dennis: "We are very good and everyone seems on point"

Photo Credit: (Dreamhack)

You are coming into the major as the EU Minor winners and I think after having a good run at DreamHack Stockholm I think everyone is seeing NiP as a strong team. How are you feeling? 

Individually I am not feeling too good because I was not that good at DreamHack Stockholm. If I were we probably could have gone farther, but as a team, we are very good and everyone seems on point. 

You were IGLing then lekr0 took over the role. How has he been doing with that and how have you been doing under him? Also, do you feel that as a player its good to be under an IGL to respect the role a bit? 

 He has been doing a good job. Sometimes I come in with inputs of course, but everyone does. It does not affect him much he has that kind of personality. I think it is a good experience because it is a whole new thing and has a lot of responsibility which you don’t get when you are not leading. 

Are there any teams you are kind of looking forward to potentially facing in this stage? 

I would like to face Astralis again with me playing well because that would be a pretty good game. 


Do you think there are any underrated teams? 

There are a lot of good teams and individuals, but I don’t think there are any underrated teams because I respect every team just as much. 

For you personally is there additional motivation because you weren’t at the last major and before you were on Fnatic so is there a desire to get where they are now? 

Yeah of course because my spot was kind of stolen because I was not in Fnatic so it will be a lot of fun and I hope we go far. 

The major comes after the player break and some say that they don’t have time to practice. Do you find that as an issue? 

No, if they say that then it is an excuse. You can start whenever you like to start. There are teams practicing all summer no excuses from our side. 

Do you have any final words for your doubters or fans at the moment? 

I would like to thank everyone for supporting us and we will show our best face this tournament.