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Bets.Net Masters Winners and Losers

Photo Credits: (Daniel Ranki) 

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HellRaisers are the champions of Bet.net Masters and for a good reason. They beat arguably the best team at the event in two best of three matches and never dropped to the losers bracket. This was in thanks to an overall dominant showing from the entire team. Not one player on HellRaisers posted below a 1.00 HLTV rating for the event. In game, with exception of the grand final, HellRaisers looked quite stable and their controlled aggression won them several key rounds. Issa "ISSAA" Murad and Özgür "Woxic" Eker showed tons of promise and both of them gathered a 1.26 HLTV rating for the event. A power duo like Woxic and ISSAA can be very scary if this is going to be their LAN form throughout the rest of 2018. With a well praised "fragging IGL" in Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow, these results are repeatable in 2018. 


 Traditional thought would say that Fragsters were supposed to be cannon fodder for teams like Virtus Pro and Gambit who boasted pedigree on LAN. Instead, Fragsters flexed their Danish muscles and put on a very impressive losers bracket run after a 2-0 loss to HellRaisers. Fragsters blasted Gambit 2-0 with two very one-sided halves with Gambit having a solid 13-2 lead in the first half. Gambit lost the game 16-14. Fragsters winning the best of three against Gambit was in large part to Lucas “Bubski” Andersen who had a 1.3 HLTV rating and 93 ADR. The next closest teammate had 20 ADR less. Fragsters then won another best of three series against Virtus Pro although 2-1 in a clear team effort. Fragsters as a whole looked very dangerous and could repeat this with an experienced core of players surrounded by talented youngsters. 

Özgür “Woxic” Eker

Woxic played arguably one of the best events of his career so far. He single handily beat North (in the upper bracket finals) with two amazing performances where in the first map he went 19-9 and in the second map Woxic went 32-16. If HLTV.Org gave out a MVP award for this event, it is almost guaranteed that Woxic would win it with his high total event rating and his sheer ability to win rounds on his own. Woxic had some up and down games in this event and if he lost against North in the finals I am skeptical if we would consider him a “winner”. None the less, Woxic played great and deserves all the praise he gets for this win. 




How is North considered a loser while being 2 rounds away from winning the grand final? Well, their route to the grand final was pathetically easy. They only needed to beat ForZe, Godsent and Fragsters. Neither of those 3 teams should be able to even touch a team with as much talent as North. Yet, ForZe almost beat them, Fragsters were a key round from a win, and North is just looking worse and worse in every increment. This roster should have everything they need to be a tier one team but they struggle to be a tier two team now. Bets.Net Masters put the nail in the coffin for North as a top 10 team. Without significant changes, it is doubtful this team does anything of note at a tier 1 LAN. 

Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen 

One of the least appreciated in game leaders,  Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen has been absent in almost all games in the past few months. In a 28 round game, MSL got five kills against HellRaisers. Not to mention, MSL as an in game leader just has not proven his worth. In a tournament where North won almost all the games they played, MSL has a slightly above average performance while boasting a negative kill to death ratio. A tier 3 event that they just needed a bit more firepower to win may seal MSL’s fate with North. Considering Heroic is becoming a much better team than North, a buyout or a potential up and coming player from Fragsters could easily replace MSL. 


Around this time last year, Gambit were major champions. What happened? Since winning the major in Krakow, not a single thing went right for Gambit. They lost their major spot, they lost their in game leader, and they regressed to once again being a random CIS team. There really aren’t any bright spots for Gambit right now. Players who once looked promising are regressing and players are leaving. Other CIS teams are on the rise and this Gambit roster is on the decline. You can’t lose to Fragsters and Godsent and not be called a loser. 

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