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Aizy: "North now decide the roster"

Photo Credit: (DreamHack)

IEM Chicago started off well for you and North, you were able to beat NRG on Cache which came as a surprise since you have little to no history on Cache. What was the thought process for picking that map and how do you feel about the map as a player? 

We knew we were going up against NRG in the first round so we started to play Cache in practice to try and surprise them. We knew they weren't the strongest on Cache so we kind of caught them off guard which was the plan and it worked.

You then went against Astralis where you lost 0-2. Even though it's a Danish Derby there's not much shame in that, they seem to be the best team in the world right now. How did you feel about that particular match?

I mean, it always sucks to lose against your countrymen and especially against Astralis because you always want to try and beat the best team in the world. If you want to beat Astralis you can't make any mistakes. They are going to take advantage of every mistake you do make and if you make too many you are going to get stomped on like we did.

And then you played LDLC and they've been a surprise package at this tournament. People knew about AmaNEK and devoduvek from Misfits under Sean Gares, but they've played better than people were giving them credit for. Were you surprised by how good they were or was it just an off day individually? 

I think it was a mix of things. I think we underestimated them and we didn't have the best day both in our mindset and how many mistakes we made. We lost situations we should never lose and they played well. They came prepared. 


I wanted to ask you about the MSL situation with him recently leaving the team. It seems like you've been a part of the North team forever. Can you walk me through that situation and how you feel about it? Obviously, you've gotten another IGL in Cadian who can AWP as well which is a bonus, but I know MSL was a good leader and friend for you guys. Did you see him leaving as something that was bound to happen or was it a surprise? 

It always sucks to say goodbye to a friend because we travel so much together and we get along socially together as well, we were all good friends. On the other hand, it's nice to get some fresh blood into the team as well. It's a new way of playing and calling as well. It's not really us who decide the North roster anymore, it's moving toward the organization.

Lastly, I wanted to ask about the Danish scene as a whole. You've got Astralis, North, OpTic, and Fragsters who are all full Danish lineups in the Top 30. Does the fact that Denmark can field so many strong teams surprise you at all or do you think CS is just in Denmark's blood now? 

That's tough, I think we just have a lot of really good players right now even in Heroic and Fragsters who are showing potential as well. It's nice to see us come together on teams. I think we just have a lot of good players trying to fit together and I think it works out for everyone. 

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