COD Mobile's Season 4 update could be the biggest COD Mobile update yet

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Black Ops Cold War isn't the only Call of Duty title that's celebrating the 80s' biggest Action Heroes. COD Mobile also has its own version of the Season 3 Reloaded update. However, this update pales in comparison to what COD Mobile has in store for their Season 4 update.

COD Mobile Season 4

At the moment, details are still a little sparse about what's coming to COD Mobile in Season 4. We know a little bit about what's in-store thanks to what has been said by the COD Mobile team over the last couple of weeks, but the full Patch Notes and a full run-down of all the new content that's on the way is expected soon.


COD Mobile Season 4 is due to start on May 27th and we know that it'll be called Spurned & Burned. This Wild West theme should be reflected in the Season 4 Battle Pass, which is due to be revealed later this week.

In addition to this, we've been offered a look at the new Scorestreak that's coming to COD Mobile in the Season 4 Battle Pass. The HAWK X3 is a remote-controlled drone with the ability to fire upon the enemy with "unlimited bullets". Sounds deadly.

Below, we've got everything we know about the COD Mobile Season 4 update so far... We will keep it updated when the official Patch Notes are released.

Patch Notes - What We Know So Far

Firstly, we have this leaked Season 4 Roadmap from GamingTvWithU. The official COD Mobile social media accounts haven't shared this image yet, but expect it soon.


New Multiplayer Maps

  • Dome
    • It features a key military area located in the middle of a desert, including an abandoned military base, an underground control console, and a deserted office.
    • It will be available for Search and Destroy, Team Deathmatch, Domination, and more.

Updated Featured Multiplayer Playlists

  • Capture the Gold
    • Players must snatch the gold from the opponent's base and transport it back to their own base.
    • It will be available on Crash, Standoff, Raid, and more.

New Equipment & Items

  • Heartbeat Sensor
    • A tablet that allows you to track your enemies via their heartbeat through any obstacle.
    • Great for quickly scanning for nearby enemies.
    • It will be available through the Seasonal Challenge - Under Pressure.
  • Functional Weapons – MK2 and Holger
    • The two weapons will be available in season four.
    • The MK2 is a fast-firing Marksman rifle while the Holger is an extremely customizable LMG that can be adapted to close range, medium range, or long-range combat.
  • New Scorestreak – The Hawk X3
    • It is a remote-controlled drone that is equipped with machine guns and unlimited ammo.

Battle Royale Weapons List Update

  • Common: AK117/M4LMG/GKS/Echo.
  • Uncommon: AK 47/Man-O-War/Locus/MK2/Holger 26/PP19 Bizon/KRM-262.
  • Rare: AK117/BK57/ASM10/HVK-30/LK24/AS VAL/Locus/SP-R 208/M4LMG/Razorback/QQ9/PP19 Bizon/KRM-262.
  • Epic: Type 25/ASM10/KN-44/DR-H/Man-O-War/LK24/HVK-30/DL Q33/MK2/Holger 26/Razorback/GKS/Q09.
  • Legendary: M4/BK57/KN-44/ASM10/MK2/Holger 26/PP19 Bizon/GKS.

Clan Wars Coming In Rank Series Two

  • Clan Wars will be officially released with the Rank Series two into Call of Duty: Mobile.
  • Players can join a clan to fight for honour and rewards.
  • The start and end time of the Clan War season is the same as the ranked match series.
  • Clan Wars will occur every week. It will start on Tuesday and will end on Sunday.
  • Players must be in a clan before Monday to qualify for a clan war for that week.
  • Clans will be matched with five other teams and will compete over war nodes. Each war node will have a different task and be worth different point values.
  • Based on your team's performance in the weekly Clan War, you will earn trophies.
  • You will earn a clan currency each week based on the rank of your clan.
  • The clan currency can be spent in the clan store for different rewards.

Multiplayer Weapon Balancing Overview

  • SMG: Strengthen close-range positioning from damage and mobility, while optimizing bullet trajectory to ensure availability at other distances.
  • Assault: Strengthen the range and accuracy to ensure a superior combat range of 15-30 meters. Improve weapon differentiation in terms of bullet trajectory and handling (weapon control).
  • LMG: The accuracy and damage efficiency has been adjusted to ensure the suppression of the LMG at 30 meters away and strengthen the differential positioning of weapons.
  • Sniper: Optimize the attributes of sniper attachments, provide more combinations of attachments, and weaken the advantages of snipers in close combat.
  • Pistol: Decreased the Movement Speed and Hip Fire Accuracy of 50GS with the Akimbo.

Multiplayer Scorestreak & Operator Skill Balancing

  • War Machine:
    • Decreased the charging speed.
    • Slightly increased the damage to yourself.
    • Decreased the rate of fire.
    • Slightly decreased the lethal range.
  • Gravity Spikes:
    • Decreased the charging speed.
    • Slightly decreased damage range.
    • Increased damage.
    • Decreased the energy recovered by the Gravity Spikes after killing an enemy.
  • Tempest:
    • Increased the charging speed.
    • You can get a closer view when aimed down sight.
  • Purifier:
    • Increase the number of bullets.
  • Death Machine:
    • Increase the Sprint-to-Fire Delay.
    • Decreased the number of bullets required to reach the maximum rate of fire
    • Increase the damage of wall-penetrating.
  • Sparrow:
  • Increase the duration.
  • Decreased the accumulation time.
  • H.I.V.E:
    • Increase the blood volume of the trap.
    • Increase damage frequency.
    • Decrease single damage.
  • Equalizer:
    • Slightly increased damage at mid and close range.
  • Bull charge:
    • Decreased the charging speed.
  • MQ-27 Dragonfire:
    • The score required for MQ-27 Dragonfire is reduced to 650.
  • Advanced UAV:
    • The score required for Advanced UAV is reduced to 1200.
  • UAV and Counter UAV:
    • Slightly increase blood volume.
  • Napalm:
    • Increased burn damage.
    • Delay lock time of FHJ-18.
    • Shorten the time it takes to explode after the flash bomb is thrown.
  • Cold-Blooded:
    • Removed the effect of not being marked by the enemy's VTOL and will not trigger the enemy's high alert screen prompt.

Additional Optimisation Changes

  • The speed of the character when moving alongside a wall or encountering obstacles is further optimized, and soldiers can move more smoothly.
  • The trigger of climb over is more precise and sensitive.
  • Optimized the experience of climbing over while jumping and players can move more freely.
  • Optimized some gunsmith system attachments model.
  • Optimized Nuclear Bomb visual effects.
  • The default optic of all sniper rifles can be equipped with sights.
  • Prop Hunt optimization
    • Optimized betting function.
    • Hunters can bring in the main weapon for the game,
    • After using the transformation skill of prop, the use times of the clone skill and flash bomb skill will be reset.
    • The text chat function can no longer be used when watching the battle after the death of the prop.
    • Add the function of moving the camera view angle freely after the prop becomes locked.
    • Hunters can better distinguish the whistle made by the prop.
  • When a teammate completes a knockdown/kill/assist, the team number and name of the teammate are displayed.
  • Added prompts when players and teammates assist.
  • Added the display of the enemy's name and teammate's number and name when teammates are knocked down/killed.
  • Added the display of the names of your enemies who knocked down/killed you.
  • Optimized the position of the camera when climbing over the window, the problem of disappearing characters in the camera will no longer occur when climbing the window.
  • Snowboard drops in non-snow areas are reduced, and snowboards will mainly drop-in snowy areas
  • Optimize the steering and acceleration of the vehicle and the steering and acceleration are smoother.
  • Optimized the range of climbing over action. It is now easier to trigger climbing over.

Battle Royale-Specific Changes


  • Decreased long-range damage.
    • 15-25 meters damage changed from 137 to 100 while the 20-50 meters damage has been changed from 137 to 85.
  • Over 50 meters damage has been changed from 137 to 80.
  • War Machine:
    • Significantly decreased overall damage
      • Center damage changed from 130 to 60.
      • Edge damage changed from 70 to 30
      • The damage done to oneself is decreased at the same time.
  • Purifier:
    • Slightly decreased direct hit damage
      • Direct hit damage changed from 35 to 30.
      • Burn damage remains the same
  • Refitter:
    • Charge speed changed from 60/60 to 50/40.
    • Damage reduction effect per layer from 3%/5% to 4%/6%
  • Desperado:
    • Charge speed changed from 60%/45% to 45%/36%.
    • Firearms rate of fire increased by 15%/25%
    • The performance of firearms is less affected by distance attenuation.
    • Bullet shooting speed changed from 500 to 640.
  • Mechanic:
    • Can detect traps of Trap Master
  • Hacker:
    • Increase speed by 20% when using hacking device.
    • Charge speed changed from 60/50 to 50/40 seconds.
    • Hacking range changed from 100/150 to 120/150.
    • Hacking speed changed from 1.5/1 to 1/0.75 seconds.
    • The ratio of skills returned when using skills without a target from 30%/30% to 50%/75%
  • Trap Master:
    • Continuous deceleration changed to rapid decay deceleration.
    • The deceleration ratio is adjusted from a constant 45%/65% to 60%/70%
  • Defender:
  • Charge speed changed from 45/40 to 50/45.
  • Ninja:
    • Charge speed changed from 45/45 to 60/50.
    • The farthest distance changed from 40 to 35 meters.
  • Clown:
    • The zombie model has been changed to a dog model, and the number has been reduced by one, but the dog's movement speed, health points, and damage have been increased.

Ranked Mode Multiplayer Changes

  • New season content added.
  • Added data records for weapons with a higher usage rate in ranked matches this season.
  • Added map voting function in ranked match for PRO ranks and above.
  • Optimized the prompts during settlement when you join during the ranked match process.
  • Optimized the reward details prompt in the main lobby of the ranked match.
  • Optimized the compensation tips given to players when a teammate quits in the ranked match.
  • Optimized some Ul of the main lobby of the ranked match.
  • Optimized the killcam music of ranked match.
  • Fixed an issue where network issues would cause match to wait indefinitely.

Ranked Mode Battle Royale Changes

  • New season content added.
  • Added data records for weapons with a higher usage rate in a single ranked match this season.
  • Optimized the reward details prompt in the main lobby of the ranked match.
  • Optimized some Ul of the main lobby of the ranked match.
  • Optimized the experience of team matching.
  • Players in a team will be more likely to match against other players in teams.
  • Fixed an issue where network issues would cause match to wait indefinitely.
  • Fixed the situation where some AFK behaviours could get ranking points.