COD Mobile Season 9: Undead Siege returns in "Nightmare" update this week

COD Mobile is an under-appreciated gem when it comes to Call of Duty games - it isn't bound by the "rulebook" you might see other Call of Duty titles governed by. COD Mobile can throw an old World at War map into an update with a Modern Warfare 3 map if they want. They can add a new Zombies mode featuring Verruckt at the same time as the Intervention. It's a mish-mash of Call of Duty content at your fingertips and worth checking out. COD Mobile Season 9 is on the way and, rather than just get a Halloween event, we're getting a whole season of content in "Nightmare".

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There's going to be new maps, multiplayer modes, in-game events, and the return of Undead Siege. You can't really complain about that! Here's everything we know about COD Mobile Season 9 so far...

RELEASE DATE - When does Season 9 drop?

COD Mobile's next seasonal update is due to arrive at the following times:

  • 17:00 October 21st PST
  • 20:00 October 21st EST
  • 01:00 October 22nd BST

It might seem like an unusual time when you consider the fact that Warzone and Black Ops Cold War often drop hours earlier, but you might find yourself able to preload the COD Mobile Season 9 update on your device - if not, it should update automatically when the content is available.

You'll also be pleased to know that these updates are rarely an issue size-wise. They don't take too long to install either.

NEW MODES - "Nightmare" brings back Undead Siege

Undead Siege is returning to COD Mobile for a limited time alongisde 10v10 Pumpkin Confirmed and a Halloween-themed Trick or Treat event.

Undead Siege is an escort-based mode that takes place on a Zombie-filled version of the Isolated Battle Royale map. In this mode, you're going to be able to take on more types of Zombies than ever before with new daytime missions and easter egg content to uncover.

10v10 Pumpkin Confirmed is, as you'd expect, Kill Confirmed with a Halloween twist.

Thankfully, this isn't all that's coming to COD Mobile in Season 9. Drop Zone, which first featured in Modern Warfare 3, is being added to COD Mobile as the newest multiplayer mode for Season 9 - "Nightmare". In addition to this, the Halloween-themed Trick or Treat event is going to be a unique door-to-door experience that should offer players a great chance to pick up some new Halloween-themed cosmetics and rewards.


NEW CONTENT - Blow them back to hell with the Thumper

There's a lot of new content coming to COD Mobile in Season 9 - although this won't be a surprise to any of you that play COD Mobile regularly. In every COD Mobile update, you can expect to see new multiplayer maps, new weapons and equipment, and a new Battle Pass - Season 9 isn't any different.

Here's a complete run-down of all the new content coming to COD Mobile in Season 9...

  • New Multiplayer Maps
    • Halloween Standoff - Limited-time access to a Halloween-themed variant of Standoff;
    • Hovec Sawmill - Modern Warfare 2019's Hovec Sawmill is being introduced as a permanent new map;
COD Mobile Season 9 Hovec Sawmill
click to enlarge
HOVEC SAWMILL - A night-time variant of Hovec Swamill is dropping
  • New Weapons
    • Thumper - Grenade Launcher;
    • Swordfish - Burst AR;
  • New Equipment
    • TAK-5 - New Operator Skill that can be used to boost the entire team's health;
    • Flash Drone - New Tactical that will automatically track and flashbang an enemy;
    • PUMPED - New BR Class that offers enhanced movement through a "Nitrogen-powered Jetpack";

In addition to all this, there's going to be a small reset to COD Mobile's Clan Wars alongside new seasonal challenges and featured events. As always, there's also going to be a new Battle Pass on offer which will throw up a selection of Halloween-themed COD Mobile Operator skins and cosmetics.