When can you jump into COD Mobile Season 6 - The Heat - on iOS and Android?

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COD Mobile's next season is finally here and there's a lot on offer. Slums and Stacks are the two new maps for this season, but there's more than just that being added. Modern Warfare's Rytec AMR is one of the new weapons that is sure to pack a punch. Here's the latest...

LATEST - COD Mobile Season 6 Is Out Now!

A day earlier than anticipated, COD Mobile Season 6 has released on both iOS and Android devices. You can check out the brand new Cinematic Trailer for the new season below:


There's a lot to unlock and you can find out about all of the Multiplayer Changes and Battle Royale Changes here. Undead Siege is due to start tomorrow, as planned.

What Time Does COD Mobile Come Out?

COD Mobile hasn't confirmed what time the Season 6 update - The Heat - is due to release. This doesn't mean we don't know, though. COD Mobile usually follows the same release schedule with each seasonal update and we can look to Season 5 for answers.


COD Mobile Season 6 - The Heat - should release at the same time, meaning we're going to see the update arrive at around 17:00 PST / 20:00 EST on July 30th and 01:00 BST on July 31st.

Officially, we only know about a handful of things that are on the way... The Undead Siege limited-time Zombies Event, the two new weapons that are coming, and some of the Battle Pass content... However, there's a lot more in-store.

What Else Is On The Way?

The Rytec AMR and MX9 are going to be the two new weapons added to COD Mobile in Season 6 and we know the following about Undead Siege:

" Deploy with your squad to the Isolated Battle Royale map, where you must survive against the undead over a period of five days and five nights. Scavenge for supplies and equipment during the day, and when the sun goes down, fight for your life against wave after wave of zombies as they attempt to dismantle your mobile base."

However, there's also plans to add Martyrdom as a new Perk, Kill Effects in the settings menu and 120 FPS support (if your mobile device can hack it!) There's also going to be a new Tactical Grenade, the Shield Grenade, which blocks enemy vision and projectiles for a limited amount of time.

COD Mobile Season 6 The Heat
MORE OPTIONS - You should be able to preview these in-game

On top of all this, COD Mobile is getting at least two new maps: Stack (Gunfight map from Modern Warfare) and Slums (Standard map from Black Ops II). Monastery is also being rumoured to appear as it has been performing well on the Chinese version of COD Mobile. Only time will tell, though.