What time does the new COD Mobile Season 5 update release?

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COD Mobile Season 5 is almost here, soldiers! In Deep Water promises to be another fantastic update for COD Mobile and we're here to talk about what time the Season 5 update is expected to release and what's in-store.

What Time Does The Update Come Out?

We are, quite literally, hours away from COD Mobile's next major update. The Season 5 update, which is due to introduce In Deep Water, is due to release on June 28th at 17:00 PST / 20:00 EST / 01:00 BST (June 29th).


It doesn't sound too far away, does it? Well, there are reports showing that some COD Mobile players have already seen the new update appear on their devices. You might be able to access the new Battle Pass if you're one of the few it's rolled out too early.

We're not expecting the download to be anything too substantial, as COD Mobile is getting quite good at keeping its file size down. However, you should be prepared for the game to take a few moments to update and download any additional assets once you launch it for the first time post-Season 5.

What's On The Way?

COD Mobile's Season 5 update is fairly standard in terms of the amount of content it adds, but that doesn't mean there aren't a few things worth mentioning. Firstly, there's a new Operator Skill being added.


The K9 Unit essentially lets a hound loose after your enemies and seems like it's the closest we're going to get to the Dogs Scorestreak from Call of Duty going forwards.

In addition to this, three Call of Duty maps are being added to COD Mobile in Season 5 and they all loosely follow the "In Deep Waters" theme being presented. Aniyah Incursion, which features in Modern Warfare 2019, is just one of these.


Gung-Ho is also being added, expanding the game's selection of perks going forwards. This allows you to reload and use tactical weapons while still at full sprint speed. It's good for run-and-gun tactics and should help add a bit of intensity to COD Mobile's multiplayer. Modern Warfare 2019's CR-56 AMAZ is also being added to the game. Don't expect it to handle exactly the same though; COD Mobile is much more an arcade-style shooter than people realise.