COD Mobile's Season 5 Patch Notes detail new content ahead of update

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The next COD Mobile update is a matter of hours away, now, and we can't wait to get stuck into Season 5: In Deep Water.

Ghost is back and he's brought his dog along for the ride. There's new Epic Soldiers, a couple of new weapons and three new maps to play on, too! COD Mobile Season 5 is due to release on June 28th at 17:00 PST / 20:00 EST / 01:00 BST (June 29th) and we have the Season 5 Patch Notes for you below.


Full Season 5 Patch Notes

Premium Battle Pass Rewards

  • New Epic Designs: BK57 – Counter Stealth Unit, CR-56 AMAX – Torpedo, DR-H – Respirator,
  • QXR – Breathtaking Capture and PP19 Bizon – Blood Octopus
  • New Epic Soldiers: Otter – Backstroke, Murrick, Locke – Human Hunter, Rosé – Presser
  • New Legendary Calling Card: Eye of the Storm

Free Battle Pass Rewards

  • New basic weapon CR-56 AMAX
    • It is an assault rifle that any soldier can handle easily.
    • The trajectory is easy to control and you can quickly target the enemy’s head with a headshot.
    • Supports a large number of butt attachments, and can be replaced with various types of stock for short-range or long-range damage.
    • There is also a semi-auto magazine attachment that converts it into a designated marksman rifle that will wipe out enemies.
  • New operator skill K9 unit
    • Calls a military dog ​​that tracks enemies by smell and automatically attacks them.
COD Mobile Season 5 Patch Notes AMAX
MW 2019'S AMAX - This Assault Rifle should prove useful in Season 5

New event rewards

  • Complete new challenges and missions with new rewards!
  • New basic weapon, Shorty
    • It is a pump-fired shotgun, and it is a defensive weapon with excellent short-range damage and high mobility.
  • New perk, Gungho
    • Perform non-aim fire, grenade throw and reload while running.

New Map – Suldal Port

  • Suldal Harbor is a medium-sized map with lots of containers and a few buildings.
  • There are various corners and bunkers between the buildings.
  • There will be quite a fierce battle around the apartment building.
  • Soldiers passing by this area must be extra careful.
  • Available modes: Team Deathmatch, Conquest War, Search and Annihilation, etc.

New Map – Docks

  • A threat lurks at the pier on the banks of the River Thames in tranquil London.
  • Attack enemies through buildings and sewers!
  • Available maps: 1v1 Duel, Gunfight

New Map – No Raid

  • No. Takedown is a new mode: Coming soon in ground missions.
  • Soldiers engage in offensive and defensive battles around the palace.
  • Around and inside the palace are full of threats.
  • Soldiers must carefully plan their attack path.
  • Available modes: You can play in ground missions.

New Mode – Ground Mission

  • Experience the exciting gameplay of 10v10 battles on a huge map.
  • Available Maps: No Raid

New Mode – Time Runaway: Confirm Kill

  • Achieving a kill or a confirmed kill (obtaining a dog tag) grants a timed runaway status.
  • If you don’t consistently accumulate kills or confirm kills, a ferocious explosion will occur at the player.
  • Available maps: Crash, Standoff, Fire Range, etc.
COD Mobile Season 5 Patch Notes Kill Confirmed Nikto
KILL CONFIRMED IS HERE - At long last, COD Mobile is getting this iconic Call of Duty mode

Battle Royale

  • New Event
    • A new event will start soon. Through this event, you can acquire a new Battle Royale Class – Regression!
  • Improvements and optimizations
    • Multiplayer
      • When PP19 is equipped without attachment, the damage range is reduced.
      • Reduced damage range when equipped with PP19 with a monolithic silencer or OWC designated marksman rifle.
      • Damage is reduced when QXR is equipped without attachment.
      • The chest damage factor increases when QXR is equipped without attachments.
      • When QXR is mounted without attachment, the bullet spread is slightly increased.
      • When QXR is equipped with reinforcement bolts, the chest damage factor is reduced.
      • Slightly increases vertical recoil when QXR is equipped with reinforcement bolts.
      • Reduced damage range when equipped with QXR with Monolithic Silencer or OWC Designated Marksman Rifle.
      • When ASM10 is equipped without attachment, the damage range is slightly increased.
      • Aimed fire time is reduced when ASM10 is equipped with OWC Ranger or OWC Designated Marksman Rifle.
      • When equipped with Locus with OWC Skeleton Butt, the aiming shooting time is slightly increased.
      • Reduced aim fire time when equipped with AGR556 with MIP Extended Light Barrel, OWC Designated Marksman Rifle or RTC Steady Butt.
      • Hawk X3 HP is slightly reduced.
      • Hawk X3 Accuracy decreases when shooting continuously.
      • Fixed a bug where player sight could go through walls in certain locations in Tunisia.

If you'd like to look over what's on offer yourself, you can check the COD Mobile Season 5 Patch Notes out here.