COD Mobile Season 11: Start Date, Ho-Ho-Hot Drop Event, & Latest Updates

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There are a lot of first-person mobile shooters out there and a lot of great options - however, COD Mobile should always be one you consider. It's got a fantastic amount of content and it's one of the most mechanically satisfying titles to play with a mobile device. It's easy to pick up and a joy to play. Season 11 has brought a lot of great content to COD Mobile, but there's more out there for those of you who are feeling a little festive...

UPDATE - Festive Sales & Events hit COD Mobile

Holiday Raid, Nuketown Russia, and Snow Scuffle are all available in COD Mobile as limited-time modes and maps to keep you busy this festive period. However, the 12 Festive Days of Deals sale is also available for the next few days - this is a store sale that offers a new set of discounts on in-game content each day. You can check out the latest set of deals below:


In addition to this, the Ho-Ho-Hot Drops Event is throwing a holiday-themed event at COD Mobile's battle royale mode.

" Drop into Battle Royale and collect presents – or play Multiplayer matches – to earn points in this holiday themed event. Earn enough points to be granted a passcode that unlocks a special drop location in Battle Royale. Deploy to these hot spots and fight off incoming enemies as you battle around holiday decorations. Keep at it to earn special rewards."

Keep an eye on the Call of Duty Blog for more - there might be a surprise or two out there still!


RELEASE DATE - When does the next update come out?

At the moment, we don't have confirmation of when COD Mobile Season 11 is due to arrive. However, we can look at the average duration of a COD Mobile season and when Season 10 started for an estimation.

COD Mobile Season 10 was released on November 17th. With COD Mobile seasons lasting roughly a month, we should see Season 11 start around December 20th.

As for the specific time, COD Mobile updates always go live at the following times of the day...

  • 16:00 PST
  • 19:00 EST
  • 00:00 GMT (The next day)

We should hear more from Call of Duty about the next COD Mobile season soon and get confirmation of this.

WHAT WE KNOW - Everything out there about COD Mobile Season 11

As you might imagine, details are scarce regarding the new content coming to COD Mobile in Season 11.


A few leaks from the Chinese version of COD Mobile have revealed that an Undead Siege-based emote is going to be available in the Battle Pass as a free reward - however, we don't think this means Undead Siege is making a comeback. We could see a festive take on this LTM though under a different name.

In addition to this, another leak would suggest that Black Ops 4's Icebreaker could be included in COD Mobile Season 11 alongside a new buyable crate that would offer players a chance to unlock a new Operator skin and Weapon Blueprints.


The same leaker has also revealed that we could be seeing 'Cliffhanger' Soap show up in the Battle Pass - it's basically looking like it's going to be wintery content throughout.