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World Series of Warzone: Qualified Teams, Format & Streamers

World series of Warzone 2022

With Qualifiers complete for both the EU and NA Call of Duty: Warzone events, the top 40 trios from each region are gearing up to drop into Caldera. 20 invited trios of popular streamers and pros, and 20 trios qualified from the Open will be facing off for the Grand prize.

With a total prize pool of $600,000 on the line, everyone will be bringing their A game. Let's take a look at how to watch the biggest and best Call of Duty: Warzone tournament yet.

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What is the World Series Format?

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Now that we have all our qualified teams, the Champion will be decided by 5 trios games of Warzone. Teams will earn points for the kills they score, as well as their final placing when they're eliminated. Here is the breakdown of how the scoring works:

  • 1 elimination = 1 point
  • Placing multiplies those points:
    • 1st - 2x points
    • 2nd-15th - 1.5x points
    • 16th - 40th - 1x points

So we can be sure that today's games will be the fast-paced bloodbath we love to see, as teams scramble for kills.

These will be followed by the traditional 'Solo Yolo' event, where a player will take home an eye-watering $100K if they can pull off the solo win.

Which Warzone Pros and Streamers are playing?

As the premier Call of Duty Warzone event of the year, this tournament will be a real who's who of Warzone big names. Just some pros involved are:

  • Jukeyz
  • TimtheTatman
  • Swagg
  • Biffle

As well as their teams and a ton of other big names to keep your eye on.

Jukeyz will be looking to make it two in a row after he took home the title with his team in 2021, and Biffle will be looking to cement himself as the gun skill king to any challengers that dare face him.

Catch the Whole event on the Call of Duty Livestream from 5 pm BST today.

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