There is a new Gulag in Warzone Season 3

Season 3 is now live in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War, bringing a new map to the game.

However, more has changed than just the main map, there's a new Gulag too!

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Below, we've got everything we know about it.


Standoff Gulag Live In-Game

Now that the new Warzone Verdansk '84 map is live, following the two live event parts, you can experience the new gulag for yourself.

It's based on the main street section of Standoff - the classic Black Ops map - and is in an L shape of sorts. This time, however, it has some more verticality than previous gulags.

Jump into Warzone, die, and check it out for yourself.

New Leak

It seems like the new Gulag has leaked and will be based on Standoff from Black Ops 2.

Nothing has been officially revealed on it, but you can check out a sneak peak below.

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New Gulag in Warzone Season 3?

Ahead of Season 3's launch, nothing has officially been announced about whether or not a new Gulag will be coming to Warzone alongside the Verdansk 1980s map.

However, we wouldn't be shocked if one is still released without it being revealed.

Only one other new map has come to Warzone since its release, which is the Rebirth Island, and the current Nuketown inspired Gulag came alongside it.

Therefore, since a new map is set to arrive after Verdansk is nuked on April 21, it's very possible that a new Gulag will come alongside it.

Since we're going back to the 1980s, it would make sense if a new 1980s themed Gulag, maybe based on a different Cold War map, was released.

Also, people don't really like the current Gulag, so it would be smart for Raven to bring about a change.

Of course, we'll be sure to update you either way once Warzone Season 3 begins and the new map is live.



For what is definitely coming to Warzone, as well as Black Ops Cold War, throughout Season 3, you can check out the roadmap Activision has released.

It shows off all the new maps, the new weapons you can use in both games, teases an in-game event, and showcases some of the new Operators for the season.

You can check it out below.