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When Do Loadouts Drop in Call of Duty Warzone?

In Call of Duty's Warzone, getting your Loadouts early can be the difference between winning and losing.

That doesn't mean getting one is easy though! When they do drop, your Loadout might not be the only one that lands.

Loadouts in Warzone offer a high-risk, high-reward situation that can often mean victory for the team who gets there first.

Below, we've got everything you need to know about Loadouts in Warzone and when they drop.

What's In A Loadout?

A Loadout in Warzone is essentially an opportunity for you to grab your Custom Create-A-Class set-up in Verdansk.

Similar to Multiplayer, Warzone has its' own set of Custom Classes that you can set-up with whatever weapons, Perks, and equipment you like.


Whether these are from Modern Warfare's Armory or Black Ops Cold War's Gun Cabinet, Warzone marries the two to allow for a mix-match set-up.

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You also get three perks, like Multiplayer, a Tactical and a Lethal. There are some changes though that you should be aware of...

Some Perks behave differently. If a Perk does something Multiplayer-specific, it does something different in Warzone.

Loadouts Warzone Ghost Red Smoke
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WATCH OUT! - Loadouts will kill you if they land on you, so be careful!

For example, Kill Chain counts Killstreak Kills towards your next Killstreak in Multiplayer. However, in Warzone, it increases the chance you'll find Killstreaks in Crates instead.


Perks don't stack. If you pick up a second Loadout, that will replace the Loadout you have currently. Perks and all.

You don't get Field Upgrades. Due to the fact that these are in-game items in Warzone, you cannot equip Field Upgrades to a Warzone Custom Class.

When Do They Drop?

In each Warzone lobby, Loadouts will drop at two specific times.

Although the location of the Loadout dropping will change depending on where you are in Verdansk, the timing of these is uniform and will always stay the same.

  • Loadout One: Ten seconds before the start of the Second Circle
  • Loadout Two: At the start of the Fifth Circle

It is worth noting that, although Loadout One will drop with a couple of other squad's Loadouts, Loadout Two often drops with five or six. This is due to the smaller size of the circle in the latter stages of the game.

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Alternatively, you can purchase a Loadout Drop Marker from a Buy Station in Warzone for $10,000.

Warzone loadouts Ghost fight
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CHAOS - Be prepared to fight if you're going in to get your Loadouts

This is the most expensive item in the Buy Station shop, so you might have to pool resources with your Squad, but it does mean you can choose where your Loadout drops.

Calling in a Loadout Drop Marker will let off Red Smoke to alert other teams, so doing it in some sort of cover is advised.