What Year is Call of Duty Vanguard Set in?

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Call of Duty: Vanguard is finally out worldwide and thousands of players are pouring into its various modes. If you like to start with the campaign, here's what you should know about what year it is set in.

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What year is Call of Duty: Vanguard set?

There isn't one set answer for this as the campaign is set over a few different locations and times throughout World War 2. The campaign opens in 1945 but tends to float around a little with tonnes of different missions. It takes different characters and sets objectives through their eyes - a good excuse to explore character.


Zombies take place after 1944, a good excuse to have both modes shares the same weapons.

How to download the campaign

Downloading the campaign is something that will automatically happen for some people but there's a chance you may be missing it.

If so, you just have to go the main menu screen, click square / x to find your downloads. The campaign is split into two parts, both of which are required to start it. Coming in at around 20GB, this may take you a while to get installed.

How long is it?

The campaign is split up into 9 central missions, all coming in at around half an hour. If you do all of them in around that time, you can be finished in just a few hours. If you're looking to take on the optional objectives and find the hidden items, it could take you up to the ten-hour mark.

This isn't a hugely long campaign but it does seem varied with each central character having their own missions and special abilities. This seems like the type of campaign you should just play for yourself - like any good CoD game.