When Can You Start The Firebase Z Easter Egg? What Time Does It Go Live?

The Firebase Z Easter Egg is almost live! Are you ready for it?

Known officially as Outpost 25, Firebase Z is the location of the next Dark Aether outbreak and Weaver has sent Reqiuem Team into Vietnam to tackle the threat head-on.

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Although Firebase Z is out now, you might be having trouble accessing the Firebase Z Easter Egg. You're not alone, and here's why...

LATEST - The Race

Firebase Z's Easter Egg will soon be unlocked, allowing players to race to be the very first person to find it.

Firebase Z Easter Egg Call of Duty Zombies
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ONSLAUGHT: Surviving on Firebase Z is no easy task

Surprisingly data miners have not gotten to the Easter Egg just yet, which means it'll be an even playing field for all players looking to pull it off.

Will you be the one to do it?


Will the Firebase Z Easter Egg be Over Easy?

Much like any COD Zombies Easter Egg, the Firebase Z Easter Egg will undoubtedly have multiple steps.

If we look at turning on the power in Firebase Z, when compared to Die Maschine, though, it seems as if this is a little easier.

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Does this mean that the wider Firebase Z Easter Egg will be simpler complete?

It's hard to say. COD Zombies Easter Eggs are often revered for the most competent and dedicated players, however, Treyarch could be pushing to make them more widely available going forward.

Delayed Start Time


Firebase Z went live at 7 AM GMT February 4, but what about the Easter Egg?

In a similar fashion to how the Easter Egg was delayed for Die Maschine when Black Ops Cold War first launched, the Firebase Z Easter Egg has also been pushed back.

Treyarch has confirmed that the Firebase Z Easter Egg will go live at 5 PM GMT February 5, over a day later!

Below, you can check out their tweet on the matter:

Why Is It Delayed?


Treyarch has used the phrase "make sure everyone can start the hunt on equal footing" when explaining their reason to delay the Firebase Z Easter Egg...

But, what does this all actually mean? Why should they?

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Many believe this actually relates more to the professional streamer side of things.

Black Ops Cold War Firebase Z Easter Egg Boss
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BOSS - Here's just one of the newer "Zombies" you'll come up against!

Treyarch is attempting to promote the exploration and natural discovery of the Firebase Z Easter Egg by trying to limit the amount of "How To" Guides online when people first jump into the new map.

It's an interesting strategy and also gives those professional streamers a chance to learn the new map before tackling the secret objectives.

It feels like it's a win-win situation, but what do you think?