What's Restricted in Black Ops Cold War League Play?

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In Cold War League Play, players are placed into a Skill Division and face off in a gruelling battle that emulates the prestigious CDL.

Although this means fair fights and hard-won victories, it also means playing with some restrictions.

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Below, we've got everything you need to know about what's restricted in the Cold War League Play playlists.



In an effort to further emulate the Call of Duty League, Treyarch has implemented a series of restrictions on a number of weapon attachments.

Below, we have the full list of restricted Cold War League Play attachments:

  • Suppressors ( All )
  • Task Force Barrel
  • Spetsnaz RPK Barrel
  • CMV MIL-Spec Barrel
  • Tiger Team Barrel
  • Mounted Flashlight
  • Target Designator
  • Tiger Team Spotlight

From the above list, we can see that Treyarch is primarily removing the ability to camp without being seen.

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Although the loss of Suppressors is unfortunate, the removal of attachments with increase Damage Range and Reveal Distance should force people into fighting a lot more.


In addition to these attachment limitations, two Scorestreaks are also being limited in Cold War League Play.

Armor has been restricted for, what some might call, obvious reasons.

This Scorestreak adds an additional health pool to the player, similar to how Armor Plates work in Warzone, and it can be used to devastating effect.

Cold War League Play War Machine
click to enlarge
WAR MACHINE - The Grenade-Launcher is also restricted sadly

In addition to this, the War Machine Scorestreak is being restricted in League Play.


Other Restrictions

Although these are the main restrictions, there are a couple more that you should be aware of.

The Molotov lethal and Jammer Field Upgrade has been added to the list of restricted items alongside the Perk Gung-Ho.

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For more information on what Cold War League Play entails, you can find the official announcement blog post here.

For the latest Treyarch Patch Notes detailing the most recent changes to League Play, click here.