21 Oct 2020 2:08 PM +00:00

Warzone's Zombies Mode rendered unplayable after 'Black Screen' Glitch

The hype was real when Activision unveiled their new Halloween themed Call of Duty Warzone update, with the new game mode seeing the likes of Jigsaw join ranks with hordes of zombies!

However, a recent glitch has left gamers frustrated as it makes the game practically unplayable.

Zombie Royale

The new gltich has been causing havoc in the all-new Zombie Royale.

Zombie Royale sees players enter into a classic royale battle with a twist - once you are eliminated you return as a zombie! (Yep, this does sound pretty familiar to the recent Fortnitemares release...)

cod warzone zombie royale
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GHASTLY GLITCH: A new 'Black Screen' gltich is causing havoc on Zombie Royale

The new game mode is frankly awesome, which is why gamers have been left even more annoyed at the recent 'Black Screen' glitch, which is sucking the fun out of the Halloween themed mode.


'Black Screen' Glitch

As with any new update, you'd expect a few teething issues, but more often than not these glitches don't cause too many problems for players.

Well, unfortunately, the 'Black Screen' glitch isn't a problem you're likely to miss.

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The glitch has been dubbed the 'Black Screen' glitch because it quite literally turns your entire screen black, apart from your HUD, meaning you're left blind in the middle of a battlefield.

Check it out in Star Potential Gaming's YouTube video below (skip to 1:39):

From the video, it seems the only way to regain your vision during this glitch is by looking at the map, which of course covers most of the screen.


Once you're killed and brought back from the dead as a zombie, your vision is restored, but this sort of defeats the point of the whole game mode.

Either way, Infinity Ward is likely to get a fix out for this glitch as soon as they can, so we should be back battling the undead in no time.

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