Warzone: What do we know about the upcoming "Visions of Verdansk" event?

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Sledgehammer Games' next Call of Duty game is almost here and there's a lot of new content coming to Warzone in the next few weeks. Vanguard integration - which will bring a new batch of weapons and a new "Pacific Theatre" map to the battle royale - is going to be huge for Warzone and we can't wait. Although... We will miss Verdansk. Thankfully, it looks like the "Visions of Verdansk" event will give Verdansk a proper send-off...

Here's everything we know about the "Visions of Verdansk" event so far - all the leaks, anyway, ahead of an official reveal.


"Visions of Verdansk" - All the leaks so far

The "Visions of Verdansk" event is being described as the "perfect way to conclude [Verdansk]" before the introduction of the new map - from the sounds of it, they're not entirely wrong.

Without an official announcement, we're only piecing together information from data miners' leaks and rumours - so take everything with a pinch of salt. However, there's a few snippets of information out there that would suggest the following about the event:

  • Random In-Game Events - "Revisiting Events"
  • "Every new circle starts a random event, prepare for flashbacks from the past."
  • Upgraded Contracts - "Enhanced Rewards"
    • "Contracts and Supply Boxes reward memories of yesterday, with a chance of Powerups or Keycards."
  • Additional In-Game Items - "Expanded Buy Station"
    • "New Items are in stock. Loadout [Markers] can be purchased after the Loadout Event."

You can see Alaix COD sharing the information below:

We don't know what the above will translate to in-game, but we can imagine it's going to be a chaotic mash-up of everything we've seen from Verdansk so far - at the very least during Black Ops Cold War's lifetime. With any luck, there will be some throwbacks to the original Verdansk and Modern Warfare's original stint.


We should hear more about this early November - Vanguard isn't going to be integrated into Warzone straight away, but it isn't going to be too long after Vanguard's launch.