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A Dark Wave approaches Verdansk... Is this The End?

New leaked Audio Files are suggesting that Verdansk is coming to an end during Black Ops Cold War Season Two in a frantic battle for survival between players and the zombie hoards that have landed near Prison.

Multiple leakers have suggested that the whole Warzone map will be completely overrun by Zombies, leaving the nuclear option as a last resort for... Whoever's in charge of the nukes.

It seems like an all-out apocalypse is on the way to Warzone a lot sooner than anyone anticipated.

Are you ready to leave Verdansk yet? You might not have a chance.

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As we approach the launch of Season Two for Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, a dark wave has been seen approaching Verdansk... Could this be a signal that the end is nigh?


People have been asking Activision, and now Raven Software, to shake up Warzone for a little while now.

It's hard to imagine that the game is approaching its one-year anniversary and players think it's about time for a change of scenery... However, is this coming sooner than we think?

A Dark Wave

If you've dropped into Verdansk over the last week, you might have noticed that something is happening off-shore.

A missing Soviet Ship, the Vodoinoy, is approaching the Port of Verdansk and a tumultuous storm is raging overhead.

Warzone Dark Wave The End Vodoinoy Soviet Ship Prison Port
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STRANGE - What is going on aboard the Vodoinoy?

Every day it gets closer, but this isn't all. Players all over Verdansk are starting to intercept some static... Panicked Russian communications from the ship off-shore...


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They warn of a Biohazard breach and terrible danger, something which undoubtedly links to the Warzone Outbreak Event due to start on February 25th.

What's more though is that many people are speculating that this Warzone Outbreak Event will be the end of Verdansk as we know it.

Players have wanted a new map for a long time, but is this how it all happens?

The End?

So, what does this mean for Verdansk? Well... If leakers are to be believed then The End is coming to Verdansk.

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In the tweet below, you can see that it's become a talking point amongst players and leakers...

Many people are theorising that this will be an intentionally triggered Nuclear Warhead explosion that will decimate Verdansk in an effort to curb the Zombies that will appear in the Warzone Outbreak Event.

DexertoIntel raised this very relevant point on Twitter earlier in the week:


But, with Verdansk "flattened", what does this mean for Warzone?

Many are suggesting that the new game will take players to the Ural Mountains to continue the fight there. However, would this work with the fact that the two games run on different engines?

There's no word on whether the Warzone Outbreak Event will continue on from the narrative discourse established by Activision throughout the Modern Warfare lifetime or whether Treyarch will be taking over with more Black Ops Cold War inspired timeline of events.

Warzone Dark Wave Bundle Leak Operator
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SOAP ?! - Is MacTavish finally on the way to Warzone?

The end of the clip above does seem to suggest a certain Scottish character could well be on the way, though...

As always, be sure to take everything you see from a non-official source with a grain of salt...

Keep an eye on the Call of Duty social media channels for the latest information about Call of Duty Warzone and what's to come.

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