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Could we be seeing Darth Vader appear during Warzone Season 4?

There have been reports that the Star Wars Bundle leak in Warzone isn't as legitimate as it might seem...

Leaks are always something worth taking with a pinch of salt and, more often than not, they don't really deserve too much attention when they're so outlandish. However, following the addition of John Rambo and John McClane to Warzone... Could we be seeing a Star Wars Bundle popping up in the Warzone in-game Store?

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LATEST- Confirmed Fake, But A Nice Idea

It hasn't taken long for the internet to prove the leak below false, but it does force a discourse on the extent to which Call of Duty should collaborate with other IPs.

Of course, there are those that think a Star Wars Bundle in Warzone would be too much like Fortnite's crossovers. However, there was also a lot of support for the idea...

Maybe a Star Wars collaborative Bundle in Warzone and Black Ops Cold War wasn't the worst idea.


A Star Wars Bundle In Warzone?

We're not sure what to think, to be honest with you, but there's footage that seemingly proves the Warzone Bundle is real. It doesn't show much of what's available, though. So... This is leading a lot of people to call the leaked footage fake.

In the footage, which you can see below, it looks like we'll be getting a Calling Card and a Weapon Charm. What makes everything a little less believable, however, is the fact that the Bundle looks like it costs 1600 COD Points.

This is a bit expensive for what's on offer, even if they are Star Wars items...

We'll keep an eye out for anything more on this, but we could well see Treyarch announce a Star Wars Bundle for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War when they unveil the full Season 4 content roadmap later today.


Warzone Season 4

At the moment, we don't know exactly what's coming to Warzone in Call of Duty Season 4. The new season is due to arrive on June 17th and we've seen a Gameplay Trailer, but that's about it.

A satellite is going to be crashing down in Verdansk '84 and we're expecting Season 3's Baseball Bat to be added to the battle royale. However, the rest of the content remains largely a mystery.

We're a mere amount of hours away from hearing more though... Keep your eyes peeled. Keep your eyes on Call of Duty...

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