Warzone Secrets of the Pacific Event Challenges: Intel Locations, & More

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It's safe to say that Warzone is in need of a change - thankfully, it's coming soon with the Warzone Pacific update and Caldera. However, Verdansk's time isn't up yet. The Secrets of the Pacific event is currently underway and there's a lot you can get out of it - teasers, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards... All the good stuff.

Here's everything you need to know on how you complete the challenges to earn all of these little bonuses.


EVENT CHALLENGES - Intel Location Guide & Details

If you want to get your hands on the "Bomber Menace" STG 44 Weapon Blueprint - which is the final reward in the Secrets of the Pacific update - you're going to need to collect six pieces of Intel and finish their respective challenges.

We've got a basic description of them all and what you need to do once you've found the pieces of Intel below...

  • Jailbreak - At the bottom of the stairs leading into Prison from outside
  • You need to survive one circle or win the game to complete this.
  • On The Air - Inside an Electronics Store opposite Train Station
    • You will need to survive three circles or win the game to complete this.
  • Fast Food - On a Burger Stand counter inside the Airport
    • You will need to survive three circles or win the game to complete this.
  • On Your Feet - Inside a Surgery Room in Verdansk General Hospital
    • You will need to survive four circles or win the game to complete this.
  • Abandoned - Inside a Mine Shaft's cave area near Airport
    • You will need to survive two circles or win the game to complete this.
  • Secrets - Head to one of the WW2-era Bunkers for this Intel
    • One is near Boneyard, one is near Airport, and one is south of Salt Mine.

Looking for more detail? We've got you covered. Here's a more specific look at finding all the Special Intel locations during the Secrets of the Pacific event.


CHALLENGES & REWARDS - What's on offer for this?

At the moment, we don't know what Challenges are going to appear in Warzone for the Secrets of the Pacific event. We know that there's going to be a series of in-game tasks to complete in Verdansk - and reportedly across Vanguard too - but there's been no mention of what they might be so far.

At the moment, all we know is the following:

" This limited-time event developed by Beenox will grant you vital information on Caldera and its various points of interest prior to its launch in December, but only if you complete challenges across Vanguard and Warzone. Each game will have its own set of tasks and rewards for completing them, such as acquiring and protecting Pacific artifacts while fighting to survive in Verdansk."

Earlier in the week, a handful of Calling Cards were spotted in-game that seems to relate to the new Warzone map - Caldera. They're nothing special, but it looks like these could be in-game rewards for whatever Challenges appear in-game when the Secrets of the Pacific event starts on November 24th.


We might not know the specifics of these Challenges, but we can look at previous Warzone events for a rough guide of what to expect. Kills in certain POI areas and anything related to any new content added to Warzone in the new event is a good enough guess. It shouldn't be anything too impossible.