Warzone WW2 Bunker Locations & Access Codes - Every one we know so far

Season 6 is here and there's a lot going on in Warzone - as per usual. Stadium and Downtown are being destroyed and there's a new set of bunkers to explore. If you're looking for the WW2 Bunkers and their locations, we have everything you need to know.

This article is a work in progress - we'll keep you updated with all the WW2 Bunkers we find as we continue to explore Verdansk.

WW2 BUNKERS LOCATIONS - Where to find them?

At the moment, we've only found a handful of WW2 Bunkers in Verdansk '84. Below, we've got the locations for you.

  • Boneyard
    • North of the Silos in this POI location
  • Airport
    • North of the transformers in the Maintenance area of Airport
  • Array
    • North-East of the Radar Array, near the buildings known as "Bloc 15"

ModernWarzone has offered an early look at one of the WW2 Bunkers - locations might vary in layout, but here's what to expect.

As you can see, they're quite loot-heavy and much larger than the previous bunkers in Warzone. There's also talk that these will contain some little Easter Eggs that hint at the post-launch narrative Vanguard is lining up for Warzone.


HOW TO ACCESS - Codes or No Codes?

Unusually, you're not going to need access codes for these bunkers. The WW2 Bunkers are actually accessible through a hole in the ground. These holes are found by drills that were previously hidden inside shipping containers.

When approaching a hole, you should be prompted to use a cable to descend into the WW2 Bunkers - they're a bit larger than just one of the locations.

These are going to be loot hot spots, but tight areas to fight in. Prepare for close-quarters combat and a lot of danger if you're dropping into these locations in Warzone Season 6.