Where are the three new Warzone bunkers located?

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Looking for loot? Well, there are several new Warzone bunkers that might be able to help you out!

Black Ops Cold War Season Two is underway at last and there's a lot going on.

However, we're here to talk about what changes were made to Verdansk. On top of the Vodoinoy crashing into the stretch of open land between Prison and Port, we've also got three new bunkers for Warzone players to find.

These are going to be hotly-contested spots, as every new Point of Interest often is... But, there's no reason why you can't check them out.

New Warzone Bunkers Nikto Kali Sticks
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FIGHT - These new Warzone bunkers are going to be hotly-contested spots to drop

Below we have everything you need to know about the new Warzone bunkers and where to find them.

Three New Warzone Bunkers


Finding bunkers in Warzone can be a bit of a pain, but hopefully, the information below will help.

Bunker 1 Location

The first bunker can be found just south of the Arklov Peak Military Base. There's already one that's a little to the West, but this one will be located on a small roadside hill.

Unlike the other bunkers found in Warzone, you'll need to drop into a presumably active missile silo to get inside.

Bunker 2 Location

The second new Warzone bunker can be found in one of the Southern-most points in Verdansk.


If you head through Downtown and to the Southern tip of the Park area, you should be able to find this buried in a hillside there.


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This is a traditional bunker layout and should contain all the loot you expect it to.

Bunker 3 Location

The third bunker is located along the coast from this, towards Grazna Hills. In a similar fashion to the first bunker, this also appears to be a missile silo of sorts.

This bunker also has a second entrance hidden in the side of a hill so make sure you're looking out for other teams too!

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Could these bunkers be hinting at the end of Verdansk as we know it? We won't know for sure until later on in Season Two, either way.