Warzone Halloween Event 2021 Rewards: All The Haunting rewards & how to unlock them

"The Haunting" is finally here and Verdansk '84 is in for a frightful two weeks of darkness and ghosts. This Warzone event isn't going to break any boundaries, but it's going to be a great way to pass the time between now and Vanguard integration towards the end of the year. Oh, and there's some free stuff to grab. Here's everything you need to know about the Warzone Halloween event rewards and what you have to do to unlock them.

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Latest - The Haunting Begins Now

Warzone's Halloween 2021 event begins today, on October 19, and Raven has released the full breakdown of what to expect on the Call of Duty Blog.


A spiritual successor to Zombie Royale will be back - and Verdansk will be in darkness for a couple of weeks.

All Warzone The Haunting Rewards

Raven said the following about the rewards in the official breakdown, but now we know what they actually are:

"During The Haunting event, there will be two sets of nine challenges — one for Warzone and one for Black Ops Cold War — with 19 items, such as Weapon Blueprints, to earn. In addition to rewards earned for completing each challenge, The Haunting offers a major bonus reward for finishing all nine challenges in either game: the LAPA SMG."
  • Wake the Dead - Play 5 Matches in the Ghost of Verdansk playlist (Fire Slick Legendary Sniper Rifle Blueprint)
  • Over My Dead Body - Earn a top 10 final placement with you squad in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist 3 times (Frightening Legendary Watch)
  • Good Exorcise - Eliminate 10 enemy ghosts in The Ghosts of Verdansk playlist (Respirator Legendary Charm)
  • Life or Death - Eliminate 10 enemy Humans while playing as your Operator in The Ghost of Verdansk playlist (Final Summons Emblem)
  • Scared to Death - Eliminate 5 enemy Humans while playing as a Ghost in The Ghost of Verdansk playlist (Spiderweb Reticle)
  • Boo! - As a Ghost, redeploy as your Operator by collecting 3 Souls or performing a Finishing Move on a standing, crouching or prone Human player. (Murderous Mime Legendary Sticker)
  • Evil Has No Power Here - Use 3 Sacred Ground locations to reduce your fear meter in The Ghost of Verdansk playlist (Underworld Legendary Calling Card)
  • Who's There? - Answer 3 phones in The Ghost of Verdansk playlist (Prophecy Legendary Sticker)
  • What Are You Afraid Of? - Experience 3 Hallucinations while you have a full Fear Meter in The Ghost of Verdansk playlist (Tentacle Legendary Charm)

So yes, the LAPA SMG is available to unlock during "The Haunting" this year as a reward for finishing one set of challenges in Warzone or Black Ops Cold War. The Sai melee weapon was featured in a similar position during "The Numbers" event.

Other than this, there are a few Weapon Charms, some Calling Cards, and a couple of Emblems on offer. We might get an Arcade game - which will only work in Black Ops Cold War - or some Double XP tokens. However, there's never usually anything too exciting on offer.