Warzone Season One Reloaded: Release time & mid-season update notes

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It's safe to say that Warzone is in a bit of a rough spot at the moment, however, there's still a lot to look forward to and we should see some major improvements on Warzone's state sooner rather than later. The Season One Reloaded update for Warzone is coming soon - however, it doesn't look like it will be quite as substantial as mid-season updates in the past.

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Still, here's the latest and what to expect from the next title update...

UPDATE - What time is the update dropping?

Vanguard's mid-season update has dropped and Sledgehammer Games has shared their latest set of Patch Notes with us, but what about Warzone?

Well... The Warzone update is right around the corner - Raven Software always seem to release their scheduled Warzone updates later than the main Call of Duty title's updates. With this in mind, we should see the Warzone Season One Reloaded mid-season update released at the following times:

  • 21:00 PST - January 12th
  • 00:00 EST - January 13th
  • 05:00 GMT - January 13th

We should see some Patch Notes drop not long before the update itself is released. Keep your eyes on Raven Software on social media for more.

Warzone Trello Board hints at update

Warzone's Trello Board doesn't contain any details regarding the title update itself, but there is news of a Double XP Weekend starting January 13th. These usually arrive alongside updates and it is further confirmation that a mid-season update is on the way - which we're expecting to be called Season One Reloaded.

This comes just days after Treyarch's confirmation that Vanguard is getting an update regarding Zombies on Tuesday. You can check the tweet from Treyarch out below:


As you can see above, it looks like we're going to be getting some new information in the next few days ahead of January 11th - when the update is reportedly going to drop. We'll keep you updated.


What should we expect to see in this update?

We don't know what to expect from this update, really - the Warzone Pacific experience is a new one and we're still not sure how Raven Software is going to introduce map changes and new playlists to the game following the change.

That being said, there is some new content that we're still due in Season One. Isabella, the third prong of SOTF Trident and one of the cover stars of Vanguard Season One, is an Operator we're expecting to be released soon after this upcoming update.

Warzone Season One Reloaded
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ISABELLA - She's the last member of Trident to release

In addition to this, the long-rumoured Attack on Titan crossover bundle is expected to finally see the light of day following the Season One Reloaded update. It's worth taking this with a pinch of salt though - but the leaks regarding the contents of this bundle have been around a long time.

Other than these two things, though, we're not sure. There's a lot that Raven Software can do with Caldera - of course - but we can't help but think that they should focus more on fixing the game's current slate of issues instead of throwing more changes and new content into the mix. Caldera is fresh enough to last another few months without any changes.