Warzone Season 6 Download Size: How much space are you going to need?

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The next Warzone title update is finally available to download - however, this is going to come at a cost. Not an actual cost, but a huge chunk of your storage. Warzone updates are always larger than you'd like, but the newest update is making a few huge changes to Verdansk on top of the new content. Here's what download size you're looking at for Season 6...

DOWNLOAD SIZE - Season 6 is huge, as expected

Raven Software has shared their Season 6 Patch Notes and detailed the size of the necessary download within - you're going to need the following storage space available:

  • PlayStation 4
    • 30.6 GB
  • PlayStation 5
    • 30.6 GB
  • Xbox One
    • 30.1 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S
    • 30.1 GB
  • PC
    • 49.3 GB - Just Warzone
    • 40.5 GB - Warzone and Modern Warfare

Without a native next-gen release, Warzone's next update is going to be the same size on all consoles. Raven Software has also noted that PC users will need around 10 GB of additional space free for the Patch Copying process - however, they haven't mentioned consoles.


Consoles often also have some aspect of update copying, so additional space is advised. This is always a temporary usage, though. For example, PC users will need the 10 GB spare but they will "get it back" once the update is over.

Warzone Season 6 Download Size
CRACKED, MY GUY - This should make Stadium interesting again

Warzone Season 6 is introducing Alex Mason to the battlefield alongside a handful of new weapons and some drastic changes to the central areas of Verdansk '84. Adler has set off a few explosives and levelled half of Downtown. The stadium has also been disrupted and fissures have opened throughout these POI locations.

In addition to this, a number of WW2 Bunkers have been discovered in Verdansk. They're not easy to find, but they'll be worth the effort if you stumble across one in-game. Expect good loot and interesting narrative breadcrumbs leading into Vanguard's release.