13 Aug 2021 9:46 AM +00:00

Warzone's Season 5 update is now available to download on all platforms

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Warzone Season 5 is out right now and we now know that you can start downloading and installing the next title update. In previous seasons, you've been able to preload the update and you could for Season 5, too. Here is everything you need to know.

UPDATE - Season 5 Patch Notes

Raven Software has finally released their next set of Patch Notes and there's nothing too interesting. A Weapon Balance update is coming in the future, so they're surprisingly short this time around.

High Alert can now detect Dead Silence, though, and there are changes to the Armor Box icon to help better differentiate it from the Ammo Box. They're not major changes, but something. You can find everything you need to know about the Season 5 Patch Notes below:


When does preloading start for Season 5?

Warzone Season 5 was available to preload at the following times, according to the Call of Duty Blog's Season 5 announcement:

  • 21:00 August 11th - PST
  • 00:00 August 12th - EST
  • 05:00 August 12th - BST

Season 5 introduces four new Black Ops Cold War weapons to Warzone, three new Black Ops Cold War Operators, two new perks, and some new map updates. Things aren't as extravagant as they are usually, but we're expecting big things to happen in Verdansk over the course of this penultimate Black Ops Cold War season.

Warzone Season 5 Preload
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WE NEED IT - This has to be Hunter's best Operator Skin, right?

When does Season 5 itself start?

Warzone Season 5 started at the following times:

  • 21:00 August 12th - PST
  • 00:00 August 13th - EST
  • 05:00 August 13th - BST