Warzone Season 5 Reloaded update release date confirmed by Call of Duty

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We know we were a little caught up with the Call of Duty Vanguard Champion Hill Alpha, but Season 5 Reloaded for Warzone is almost here and we're here to talk about when it's due to show up and what to expect. Here's the latest...

RELEASE DATE - When does the update drop?

Call of Duty has finally shared the Season 5 Reloaded content roadmap and it's... A little light on content. This isn't going to be the most exciting update, but it does lay the groundwork for something big to happen in Season 6 so we suppose we're okay with it.

The Season 5 Reloaded update is due to be released on September 9th. You can check out when exactly below:

  • 21:00 September 9th - PST
  • 23:00 September 9th - EST
  • 04:00 September 10th - BST
Season 5 Reloaded Release Warzone Content Roadmap
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CONTENT ROADMAP - Here's what to expect...

The Warzone update including Season 5 Reloaded's content should be available from the following times:

  • 21:00 September 8th - PST
  • 23:00 September 8th - EST
  • 04:00 September 9th - BST

What were we expecting to happen before confirmation?

At the moment, we really don't know. The Numbers Event is due to begin soon - possibly alongside the Season 5 Reloaded update - and this could introduce a number of changes to Warzone.

At the moment, this is all we know...

" NATO is aware of these recent Perseus efforts and has decided to [[REDACTED]]. Operators should look for [[REDACTED]] when it arrives on [[REDACTED]] within Verdansk, as a highly important [[REDACTED]]."

We know the Mobile Broadcast Stations and Red Doors are involved, but it's hard to tell where Raven Software is going to go with it all. We should see some sort of Challenge-Reward system similar to other in-game events, though.

Warzone Numbers Event Alex Mason Season 5 Reloaded Release
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IS HE ON THE WAY? - It's a big shout, but surely he has to be on the way to Warzone...

In addition to this, we're expecting to see a couple of new weapons announced for the second half of the season and maybe even a new Operator. We know Jason Hudson is still expected to join, but we can't help but hold out hope for Alex Mason. Hell... If we're really lucky we could see someone like Reznov show up. If Rambo and John McClaine can be added - why not?

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