More Black Ops weapons aim to shake up the Warzone meta in Season 5

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Raven Software is always working on balancing the two sets of weapons in Warzone and it looks like Season 5 is really going to make things complicated for them. There are a few new weapons coming to Warzone in the Season 5 update and they could make a huge impact on the meta. Here's everything you need to know...

CONFIRMED - All the new Season 5 weapons

EM2 Assault Rifle

" Full-auto assault rifle. Well-rounded British rifle with good firing control. Built-in low-zoom optic improves accuracy. Slower fire rate with reliable range."
Black Ops Cold War Season 5 New Weapons EM2 Kitsune
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OPEN FIRE - A Built-in low-zoom optic will help you out on Warzone


" Semi-auto submachine gun. Improved accuracy from longer ranges with low recoil and slower fire rate. Good damage output with moderate range."
Black Ops Cold War Season 5 New Weapons TEC-9 Kitsune
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COMES IN PAIRS - The TEC-9 is rumoured to have an Akimbo option

Cane Melee Weapon

" Give your enemies a proper sorting with a quick swing from this new melee weapon, which can knock them unconscious after a crack upside the bonce."
Black Ops Cold War Season 5 New Weapons Cane Melee
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A GENTLEMAN'S TOUCH - Well, a Gentleman's Cane, morelike...

Marshal Secondary

" Break action pistol. Hand loaded double barrel pistol fires 12-gauge shells. Excellent damage at close range with a 1-shot kill potential."
Black Ops Cold War Season 5 New Weapons Marshal
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SAWN-OFF STUFF - This is the closest we're getting to a Double Barrel...

The EM2 and TEC-9 will both be unlockable via the Season 5 Battle Pass as free Tier rewards. The Cane melee weapon will also be available via in-game unlock challenges from the start of season 5. The Marshal should be added later in the season, possibly during October's mid-season update.

You can also unlock all these weapons by purchasing a Store Bundle that includes a Weapon Blueprint relevant to the weapon you want to unlock.

UPDATE - New Modern Warfare weapon just dropped

Alongside the surprise release of the Soap Operator Bundle, the CX-9 has now been added to Warzone. This long-rumoured Modern Warfare weapon is a fast-firing SMG with devastating damage output at closer ranges.

It appears as a Legendary Weapon Blueprint in the Soap Operator Bundle, which you can see below:

Soap Operator Bundle Warzone
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THERE HE IS - The Weapon Blueprints have Ice Tracer Rounds too

For clarity, here's everything that's included:

  • Highlands Soap Skin
  • Serac CX-9 Blueprint
  • Suilven Handgun Blueprint
  • Alpenstock Melee Blueprint
  • To The Top Weapon Charm
  • Point Taken Finishing Move
  • Scan The Vista Calling Card
  • Cold Depths Emblem
  • Clean Cut Spray

If you want to unlock the CX-9 the old fashioned way, all you need to do is complete the following challenge in Warzone or Modern Warfare:

" Get 2 Longshot KIlls while using an SMG in 5 different matches."

When does Season 5 start?

UPDATE: Warzone Season 5 has now started. Happy hunting, Operator!


Warzone Season 4 is due to end on August 10th, so Season 5 should start on the same day immediately after. However, it won't. Call of Duty Season 5 has been confirmed to start on August 12th. This means we should see Season 4 extended to bridge the gap, though.

With this in mind, the new weapon and Warzone Season 5 should be available at 21:00 PST on August 11th and 00:00 EST / 05:00 BST on August 12th.

This is subject to change, but Raven Software and Treyarch both release their seasonal Call of Duty content at the same time in an effort to maintain a seamless, integrated experience.

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