Warzone Season 3 Update download size

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Warzone Season 3 begins tomorrow, following the live nuke event tonight, and some players on PlayStation platforms can pre-load the update now.

Before you jump into the new content, you'll want to free up space on your system.

So that you're ready to go, we've got everything you need to know about what the Warzone Season 3 update download size is.


Update Release Time

The Warzone Season 3 update goes live on April 22 at 12am ET/5am BST, at which point you'll be able to jump into the new modes, check out the battle pass, and look at the new weapons.

Hopefully, there will also be a new map for us to check out once the Season 3 update is live.

Season 3 Update Download Size

Below are the Warzone Season 3 update file download sizes on all platforms. Thankfully, it's pretty similar on all platforms.

  • PlayStation 5: 25.6 GB
  • PlayStation 4: 25.6 GB
  • Xbox Series X / Xbox Series S: 25.9 GB
  • Xbox One: 25.9 GB
  • PC: 25.2 GB

There are a few things to note, though. First, you will likely need more than the size of the file free on your system to install it.

In the past, you've needed upwards or 100GB free on your PlayStation console's hard drive to install an update of a similar size.

If you're playing on PC, that shouldn't be much of an issue, though.

Also, the overall file size of Warzone shouldn't increase as much as the above file sizes.

As usual, the overall game's size should only increase a minimal amount, if at all.

If anything changes following the start of Season 3, such as quick patch fixes, we'll let you know if they require another download.