Warzone's Season 3 Reloaded update is now live

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The mid-season 3 update for Call of Duty Warzone, which is known as 80s Action Heroes rather than Season 3 Reloaded, has finally dropped.

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Below, we've got everything you need to know about what's arrived as part of the update, how to download it, and what's coming soon.

Latest - Update Has Launched


The Warzone Season 3 Reloaded update, which is the 80s Action Heroes event, has now launched.

The update went live at 12am ET/5am BST on May 20, so everything is now active in-game for you to check out.

Download Size & Preload

The download size of the Warzone's 80s Action Heroes Event has been confirmed.

On all platforms, the download size of the Warzone update is:

  • PS5: 14.6 GB
  • PS4: 14.6 GB
  • Xbox Series X|S: 15.2 GB
  • Xbox One: 15.2 GB
  • PC: 14.9 GB (Warzone Only) / 18.1 GB (Warzone and Modern Warfare)

Patch Notes & Weapon Balance Changes

Raven have released the full patch notes for the mid-season update and they're quite hefty.

So that we're not filling up this page with thousands of words about minor weapon balance changes, you can check them out on the official site.

Verdansk Map Changes

Raven have added Nakatomi Plaza from the original Die Hard movie into Warzone's map.

Warzone, Season 3 Reloaded
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CLIMB: The iconic Die Hard setting is here
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The iconic high-rise plays a big part in the trailer you can see below and is situated near Downtown on the map, where the Broadcast Tower used to be.

Activision says: "The headquarters of the Nakatomi Corporation have moved from sunny Los Angeles to Verdansk’s Downtown for a limited time. This is the tallest single structure seen in Warzone and includes five floors of a space that will be familiar to those who know and love the original Die Hard."

A CIA Outpost and some Survival Camps have also cropped up around Verdansk, also linking the 80s Action Heroes theme to the classic movies.

warzone, season 3 reloaded, survival camps
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HIDEOUT: Find the new camps

80s Heroes Trailer Premiere

The 80s Action Heroes Trailer is premiering at 5pm BST/12pm ET on May 18 and you can check it out below.


It doesn't feature much information, but it does go over what map changes are coming to Warzone and what the new Operators will look like.

Rambo & John McClean Arrive

Two new Operators have arrived as part of the Season 3 Reloaded update. Rambo and John McClean are iconic 80s action heroes and you'll be able to get them from bundles in the store.

john mcclane, warzone, season 3 reloaded
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JOHN McCLANE: He's here this week

The Rambo and Die Hard Operator Bundles will be available for a limited time from May 20.

Treyarch have also confirmed that "Rambo and John McClane are brand-new Call of Duty Operators; these are not skins for previously released Operators."


New Bow Killstreak

Continuing the Rambo content, a new killstreak, in the shape of a bow, can now be grabbed in battle royale.

"Effective against both infantry and vehicles, this new Killstreak can help your squad turn the tide of battle through unconventional warfare. The longer you pull back the bow, the farther the explosive-tipped arrow will go, so be sure to adjust your strength as needed to hit targets at longer distances."