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How to Get Nebula V Ammo in Warzone Pacific

Season 2 of Warzone Pacific begins on February 14 and loads of new items are being added to the game. One of those items is Nebula V, but you'll likely be wondering what exactly it does in Warzone Season 2. We'll break all the details down here.

What Nebula V Does

As explained in the Warzone Pacific Season 2 blog post, Nebula V is a Field Upgrade in Warzone, much like Dead Silence or Stopping Power Rounds.

It is no stronger than regular bullets but does have one major exception: when an Operator is downed by them, they will emit a poisonous gas cloud."

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That makes it much harder to revive that downed player, unless you have a Gas Mask. Expect the usual coughing and damage that normal gas exposure would cause.

Also, it's worth nothing that "Nebula V Ammo takes up only a single clip of ammunition, but for some weapons, that may be enough to turn the tide of a team fight, especially within interior spaces."

How to Get Nebula V Ammo in Warzone

Now for the more interesting part, actually getting and using Nebula V Ammo in Warzone Pacific.

As the blog post says, it can be "found in extremely small quantities around Caldera."

Therefore, we expect it to work much like other Field Upgrades. You should be able to find Nebula V ammo in chests of all kind, albeit very rarely.

Since players have complained about how powerful Stopping Power is, Raven will know not to make Nebula V too powerful or common.

They reduced the requency of Stopping Power dropping to the point that I see it so rarely that it may have been removed entierly without me noticing.

Therefore, expect to come across Nebula V very rarely, but it'll likely be more common at the start of Season 2, when it first releases.

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