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Warzone Pacific Update: What year is Caldera set?

Over the last two years, we've seen Warzone set in the modern-day era, the eighties, and somewhere in-between. Now, with Vanguard integration looming and the Warzone Pacific Update on the way... What year is Caldera - the new Warzone map - going to be set in?

If there was any confusion, Caldera is going to take Warzone back to the Second World War - however, the timeline of events itself can be a little confusing. This is especially true when you look at Vanguard's narrative and its penchant for flashbacks.

Here's everything you need to know about what year Caldera is set in Warzone and where it fits into the timeline.

What year is the new Warzone map, Caldera, set?

If there were any disputes on the exact date Warzone's Caldera map was set at launch, they can end now. The following image of the new Warzone Pacific update's map clearly shows the following information in the bottom left of the image...

" Operation: Vulcan
" December 8th, 1944
"Somewhere in the Pacific."

Now that we know what year Caldera and the new Warzone experience is set, we can fit this into the Vanguard timeline with ease.

Looking at Vanguard's campaign, here's when all the missions take place - in chronological order:

  • Mission 7 - The Rats of Tobruk (March 1941)
  • Mission 4 - The Battle of Midway (June 1942)
  • Mission 3 - Stalingrad (August 1942)
  • Mission 8 - The Battle of El Alamein (October 1942)
  • Mission 6 - Lady Nightingale (January 1943)
  • Mission 5 - Numa Numa Trail (November 1943)
  • Mission 2 - Operation Tonga (June 1944)
  • Mission 1 - Phoenix (April 1945)
  • Mission 9 - The Fourth Reich (May 1945)

With this in mind, it looks like Operation: Vulcan and Warzone's new Caldera-based experience is set several months before SOTF 001's Operation Phoenix, but after the Task Force featuring Arthur, Polina, Lucas, and Wade has been put together.

Perhaps Operation: Vulcan was their first outing, something to wet the whistle before they went after the bigger fish like Richter and Freisinger.

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