Warzone Pacific Update: Can you Swim in Caldera?

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We know Verdansk has a port and some sea-view apartments, but there's not really any reason to try and Swim in Warzone at the moment. The water is out of bounds, regardless of whether you can Swim or not, and there's no tactical benefit of heading out that way.

Caldera, however, the new Warzone map that's due to arrive in the Warzone Pacific update, is an island and there's going to be a few areas of the map where coastline and water will play a big part in movement and combat. So... It makes sense to ask: Can you Swim in Caldera and is Warzone adding this feature in the Pacific update?

Will you be able to Swim in Caldera?


Ahead of the Warzone Pacific update next week, Call of Duty has started to offer a deeper dive into the new map - Caldera - and the changes coming to Warzone when it arrives.

One of those things is the role of water and bodies of water in gameplay. Here's what Call of Duty has had to say...

" While Operators aren’t getting their sea legs in Caldera, they are now able to wade through shallow water seen in areas like the Lagoon. Walking within water makes it harder to see footsteps, even to those Operators with the Tracker Perk equipped. Crouch in knee-high water and you gain the effects of Cold Blooded, but you cannot go prone."

It looks like you won't be able to Swim in Caldera or Warzone following the Warzone Pacific Update - however, there will be wading that will provide a tactical advantage to those who stray from cover and into the water.

In addition to this, anything that's fire-based will now cause a smoke effect when it hits the water. Technically, this would be more steam-based than smoke-based, but it adds a new tactical advantage to throwing a Molotov Cocktail down in a panicked escape nonetheless.