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Warzone Pacific Season 2 Map Changes: Two new POIs coming next week

Warzone fans can rejoice as the Warzone Pacific Season 2 update is just a few short days away. From new Caldera map changes to armored vehicles and new weapons, there's a lot to digest. Here's what's new coming into Warzone's next major patch.

After various delays resulting in one of the longest Warzone seasons yet, Season 2's release signifies Season 1's close. A season that brought forth the combining of Warzone and the Pacific making Caldera and much more.

The much-awaited Season 2 update is finally set in stone and it appears to be bringing more than just new weapons.

With that being said, here's what's in store for Warzone Season 2.

New Warzone Pacific POI

Caldera is experiencing several map changes in form of two new POI additions: The Chemical Factory and Chemical Research Labs.

Within these two POIs, new mysterious ammo, Nebula V Ammo and Bombs, can be found. Operators downed by Nebula V Ammo will emit a poisonous gas cloud, while Nebula V Bombs are just one of the rarest items — a briefcase full of deadly gas with an explosive charge.

Chemical Factory

The Chemical Factory Warzone Season 2
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Credit: Activision
SUBSTANCE: The Chemical Factory is shock full of Nebula V

Placed between the Mines and the Docks, the Chemical Factory will be a very important POI for any player in Warzone. Anyone who infiltrate this highly dangerous area will walk away with more valuable loot than average, a perfect help to fight against the Circle and Nebula V Bombs.

Underground Chemical Weapon Research Labs

The Underground Chemical Weapon Research Labs Warzone Season 2
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Credit: Activision
DANGEROUS: The Underground Chemical Weapon Research Labs are risky but the loot can be worth it

As opposed to the Chemical Factory, the Underground Chemical Weapon Research Labs have only one way in and one way out, making this POI one of the riskier ones in Caldera but the reward is well worth it. With terrific Loadout items and possible Gas Masks and Nebula V Ammo, it just might be worth the dangerous mission.

Warzone Season 2 Update Release Date

Warzone Pacific Season 2 is set to launch on Monday, February 14th.

There are no current signs telling at what time the update will be live however, going by Season 1's midseason update, we can guess that a release would land at 12 pm EST.

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