How to Open Nakatomi Plaza Vault Door in Warzone

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More changes came to Warzone in the mid-season update than most players expected. On top of new weapons and the Action Hero Operators, new POIs have been added to the Verdansk map.

The famous skyscraper, Nakatomi Plaza, has been added to Downtown, replacing the Broadcast Tower, and there are secrets there to interact with.

On the 31st floor of Nakatomi Plaza, there is a vault door that you can unlock, with it being filled with money and helpful loot you'll want to grab.

Below, we'll run through exactly what you need to do to get inside.

How to Open Nakatomi Plaza Vault Door in Warzone

What you need to do is collect the three keycards that can be found throughout Nakatomi Plaza. Rather than just picking them up, you need to do the following three things:

  • Complete the Deal Gone Wrong Arms Deal in Parking area
  • Defuse C4 on the roof
  • Complete Unfinished Business Contract and open all three chests

Once you've done that, you can take the three keycards to the 31st floor and unlock the door as seen in the screenshot below.

open nakatomi plaza vault door, warzone
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OPEN: Get the keycards

If you're after a bit more detail, we'll run you through how to get each of the keycards below.

How to Complete Arms Deal Public Event

The Deal Gone Wrong Arms Deal event can be started in the Parking Garage of Nakatomi Plaza.

You need to jump into the back of the truck and interact with something on the table there.

You'll then be attacked by a couple of waves of NPC enemies, so take them out. Once you've done so, one will drop a keycard and you can grab it.

Unfinished Business Contract

There will be three Unfinished Business Contracts that spawn at the start of a round. You start them like any other contract.

open nakatomi plaza vault door, warzone
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PING: Look for the contracts

Then, it works just like a Scavenger contract. You'll need to open the three chests that spawn throughout the tower and grab the keycard from the last one.

How to Defuse C4 on the Roof

The trickiest part of this challenge is actually getting onto the roof of Nakatomi Plaza.


While there's a zipline on the northern side of the tower that'll take you from the third floor to the 33rd floor, it might be easier to get this challenge done first by landing on the roof from the initial drop.

Then, just defuse the C4 there and the keycard will spawn. It takes a little while to defuse them, so make sure the roof is clear of enemies first.

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