Warzone Numbers Event: All Mobile Broadcast Station Locations

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The Numbers Event is well underway in Warzone, featuring nine challenges for you to complete to unlock some cool, and some not so cool, rewards. Each of the challenges ask you to visit Mobile Broadcast Station locations across the map, so we've got where they are for you right here.

Confirmed - Warzone Mobile Broadcast Station Locations in The Numbers Event

Mobile Broadcast Stations were introduced at the beginning of Season 5, and they're not too difficult to find.

There are nine of them to look for, which coincides with the nine challenges that you'll need to complete for the Numbers Event.

"These are the focus of The Numbers Event, an upcoming limited-time reward stream for Operators brave enough to investigate these trucks placed by Perseus. This limited-time event will begin on September 21 at 10 AM PT. Although Operators have recently reported odd noises and sights when near them, there are two incentives for anyone willing to interact with these Mobile Broadcast Stations:"
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Now that the Numbers event is live, we've been able to confirm that the locations below are correct and will be the ones you need to complete the challenges and unlock the rewards.

  • In between Boneyard and Promenade West, by the gas station near the road
  • Just outside the Swimming Pool by Storage Town
  • In the middle of the town just north of Airport
  • By the gas station and garages just south west of TV Station
  • Just by the Firing Range in Military Base, towards the Fire Station
  • In the small grassy area close to Port
  • Near the valley to the east of Salt Mines
  • To the west of Farmland by the crossroads on the way to Downtown
  • In Hill to the southwest of the circular town

If you need any extra help, the number and letter in the Numbers event challenge name refers to the grid square that the location is in. Just compare that with when you are to narrow the location down a bit.

Also, you'll notice that each of the mobile broadcast station locations are highlighted on the map too, with red icons before the games and yellow-y ones during the game. You can see an example of the map below:

warzone, mobile broadcast station locations, numbers event
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It is also worth noting that not all Mobile Broadcast Stations aren't guaranteed to spawn in one match, with the Farmland one for example being one that doesn't always show up.

If the locations change completely during the Numbers Event, we'll be sure to give you the updated ones, so keep an eye out.

For now, though, just head to those locations above and you should be able to find the broadcast stations, interact with them, and complete the challenges for the event. If you complete the all, you'll unlock the Sai melee weapon.