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Are we getting a next-gen Warzone update with Season 5 next week?

Recently, Raven Software announced that Warzone Season 5 was coming next week. It wasn't unexpected, but the confirmation was welcome. Barely a day later, leaks and rumours popped up about a next-gen version of Warzone releasing on the same date. However unlikely, it is something that people have been discussing for a long time and something you expect to happen sooner or later.

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Here's everything we know and an update on the story...

UPDATE - Activision confirm leak was false

After ModernWarzone's report on the possible next-gen update for Warzone, Activision reached out to shut down the rumours. The update from ModernWarzone's report is as follows:

" A representative from Activision has reached out to clarify a few things about this article. According to them, the tinyurl and placeholder link are “bogus”. The representative would not comment on whether the information associated was based in fact or not, but they would go on to clarify that “all the field of view (FOV) stuff is wrong.” So, sorry to all of the next generation console owners who were excited to get an FOV slider in Warzone, it looks like that’s not happening. At least not yet."

A FOV Slider has been on the console players' wishlist for a long time and you feel like a next-gen update for Warzone is inevitable. Perhaps we'll hear more when the next Call of Duty title comes out...


Fortnite, Destiny 2, and Warframe are all next-gen titles. When will Warzone catch up? Apex Legends can't be too far behind...

Warzone PS5 and Xbox Series X Upgrade Release Date

First spotted by @BreadisModding and then reported by Modern Warzone, a tinyurl link has been found on Raven's website which says "season 5 patch notes next gen launch."


The link isn't active right now, with it coming up with Raven's error message, presumably because the patch notes for the new season aren't live yet.


This doesn't fully confirm that the next-gen version of Warzone is coming, as it could have been registered as a url for a variety of reasons, but the combination with 'Season 5 patch notes' is pretty promising.

If the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Warzone do come as part of Season 5, the update will go live on August 12, which is the same day as the new season update.

FOV Slider Coming to Console?

We've known that the next-gen update for Warzone was in the works for a while, but no one knew exactly what it was going to include.

What everyone is hoping to see included is the FOV slider that PC players already have.

It would completely change the game for the better on console, and it would make a lot of sense to arrive with the next-gen update.

According to Charlie Intel, Raven has been “investigating” the possibility of an FOV slider on console.

Otherwise, loading time improvements, FPS increases, and other graphical improvements will be the benefit of the next-gen upgrade.

As soon as we hear more about the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions of Warzone, we'll be sure to update you.