Warzone's New Verdansk '84 Map Out Now

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Season 3 begins in Warzone and a new map has released for everyone to jump into.

Part One of the Nuke Event took out Verdansk in Call of Duty Warzone and part two finished the job.


We've got everything you need to know about the map now that it is out.

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Latest - Verdansk '84 Map Out Now

Finally, the new Warzone map is out and you can jump in to play it.

It's pretty much what we expected, with most of it being the same, aside from some colour changes and some new locations in the northern half of the map.

You can see what it looks like below.

Official Trailer Shows Off Verdansk '84

A brand new trailer has been released by Activision, showing off the new Warzone map in action.


It shows players fighting in the new Downtown, at a barely built Stadium, and in some unknown locations.

It's an extended version of the trailer that leaked a few weeks ago, but it still pretty exciting and full of celebrity cameos.

Check it out below:

Verdansk 1980 Map Leaked?

It's not very different to the original map that was nuked last night, but it looks like leaks are beginning to trickle out for the new warzone map.

As you can see from the tweet above, it seems like Summit, Array, Factory, and Salt Mine are the only new POIs, replacing Dam and Quarry.

Release Date & Time

A new Call of Duty Warzone event is taking players to Rebirth Island, and this is its schedule as revealed by Activision:

  • 2pm PT: Seek safety from Verdansk on Rebirth Island
  • 9pm PT: Update your comms (console) and investigate Rebirth Island
  • 12:00pm (4.22) PT: Return tomorrow to Rebirth for updated instructions

This spells out that the next Call of Duty Warzone map could be revealed there, and a new puzzle seems to be the key.


New Warzone Map Leaks

While no new Warzone map has officially been revealed, it has been leaked that we're getting a 1980s version of Verdansk, to fit in with the Black Ops Cold War time setting. This will likely be confirmed after the new Call of Duty Warzone event taking players to the Night Rebirth Island map.

Players initially expected the Ural Mountains map from Fireteam to come next, but it recently became clear that it wasn't the case.

As VGC report, an advert for the Season 3 leaked ahead of time, giving players a very brief look at some new and changed locations on a new version of Verdansk.

How different it's going to be, we're not sure, but we expect it to be the same general shape with most of the POIs being changed.

1980s Verdansk POIs

Since the new map is set to be a 1980s version of Verdansk, many of the POIs will be the same.


However, to make sure the new map is fresh, there will definitely be some that are different.

warzone new map
DROP IN: New locations will come to Verdansk

Below is the list of new POIs that we know of so far. The likes of Stadium and Downtown should remain, albeit in different forms.

  • Bridge (Previously Dam)
  • Summit
  • Crossing

Will Original Verdansk Still Be Playable?

Since the nuke event is likely to destroy Verdansk, we expect the new map to entirely replace the original one.

It's possible that Raven brings it back for future events, but many players have become tired of the original map, so we probably won't see it return quickly.


It's very unlikely that it'll remain in any kind of rotation with the new map.

Season 3

Season 3 begins on April 22 and will see various new features added to the battle royale.

There will be new Operators, weapons, and more added to the game and we'll have the full patch notes once they're released.

Season 3 Roadmap Confirms Changes

Raven has released the official Season 3 Roadmap for Warzone and Black Ops Cold War.

While it doesn't feature much information on what's coming to Warzone or how the map will differ, it does finally confirm that a "map update" is coming to the battle royale.


You can check out the roadmap below: