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Warzone: Krampus Hotfix Update finally brings needed nerfs

A new Call of Duty Warzone Hotfix Update has arrived, and with it comes some much-needed Krampus nerfs.

Here's all the latest on Krampus and how this new update addresses the problem of the monster that just won't leave players alone in Warzone.

Krampus in Warzone

Krampus is a new addition to Call of Duty Warzone for the Festive Fervor holiday event, and the monster is taking no prisoners!

Call of Duty Warzone Krampus Festive Fervor Event
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NOWHERE TO HIDE: Krampus is tracking down players across Vanguard and Warzone alike

Krampus locks onto players he comes across and has a massive health pool players must crack to finish him off.

Krampus has been known to take out entire squads and show up in very late-game situations, taking players out of contention at the finish line through no fault of their own.

With that, it's not hard to see why Warzone players have been so vocally critical of Krampus and how strong he is.

In response, Raven Software has now deployed a new Warzone hotfix update to address the Krampus problem ahead of the holidays!

Here's what's changed about Krampus in Warzone.

Warzone Patch Notes (Krampus hotfix)

The Krampus hotfix update is short and oh so very sweet.

Check out the new changes now live in Warzone below:

  • Krampus' health has been reduced significantly across all modes and respective squad sizes
  • Krampus no longer spawns after the 4th Circle

Festive Fervor

Raven Software has restored the holiday cheer by keeping Krampus in check in Warzone, but the monster is far from the only thing going with the Festive Fervor event.

Festive Fervor also features a number of new event challenges with unique rewards, map/game mode changes in Vanguard, and another new enemy hunting players as well - Elf Team Six.

Check out all the latest info on Festive Fervor here!

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