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Warzone: Jumpscares, Trick or Treat, and Halloween update content!

With spooky season very much upon us, our favourite games are starting to release their Halloween updates.

One such game is Call of Duty’s Battle Royale hit, Warzone.

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With ‘The Haunting of Verdansk’ update in our hands, we look at what’s changed for Warzone, the Trick or Treat locations, jumpscares, and other new content!

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Trick or Treat

This Trick or Treat well and truly comes with a Verdansk-themed twist.

Various locations around the map must now be ticked off in order to gain a variety of different in-game items.

cod warzone haunting of verdansk
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GAME FACE ON: The update adds a host of spooky new content

These include new weapons, such as the Cleaver, new cosmetic items, and finally, a new blueprint in the form of the Pumpkin Punisher.


However, what happens if you don’t receive a treat from these crates?

Those unlucky enough to find out will receive the scare of their lives, with a terrifying jumpscare greeting players when they open the chest.

Jumpscare Central

These new jumpscares are catching every unawares, with potentially any chest providing a heart-pounding moment!

Everyone from TimTheTatMan and CourageJD to all of us here at the digital office has fallen victim to these scares.

warzone jumpscare
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BEWARE: Opening certain crates will give you a Trick or a Treat...

Whilst Tim didn't seem too scared, he did have a go at Call of Duty, claiming that "You could kill me!" as you can hear Courage laughing in the background.

However, Courage shouldn't be so complacent, as we see him succumbing later to one of the jumpscares.


Haunting of Verdansk

The update itself has added a host of new content to the game.

Besides the bonuses acquired from the Trick or Treat locations, there is also new shop content as well as new modes.

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You can now buy Jigsaw and Leatherface packs using Cod Points, and spooky gamemodes have entered Verdansk with lowlight and zombies!

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