Warzone Invisible Glitch Patch Coming Later Today

Raven Software has been hard at work fixing the Call of Duty Warzone invisible glitch and a fix is reportedly coming later today.

Armored Royale was one of the playlist updates added to Warzone during the Season One Reloaded continuation on February 4th.

However, while the Stim Glitch was patched out again, another exploit was discovered by players.


Armored Royale

Armored Royale is a fun take on the traditional gameplay Warzone offers. The main change in all of it is the fact that each squad gets a massive armoured truck.

There isn't any information on how the exploit was found, but due to the fact that it was only found during this game mode would suggest it has something to do with this truck.

Below you can check out the announcement that was made following the playlist's removal:

Although the model of these trucks is largely the same as the other flatbed trucks found in standard game-modes, they have a mounted gun on Armored Royale. Could this be the source of the glitch?


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Either way, the playlist was removed and the Warzone invisible glitch should be patched out later today if reports are to be believed.

Other Fixes Inbound

This Armored Royale exploit is just one of several fixes Raven Software are working on.

Raven Software has confirmed that two additional fixes are on the way.

Firstly, Grinch's Forest Spirit skin has been suffering some Model Invisibility issues depending on the distance.

Warzone Invisible Glitch Grinch Forest Spirit
click to enlarge
WHERE? - Even without a glitch, Grinch is going to be hard to spot here!

At the moment, in some instances, players are finding that only his head and gun is visible.

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Other than this, there have been a few Bullet Tracer VFX issues on recent weapon blueprints. Raven Software has also confirmed a fix is incoming for this.