Warzone Halloween Event 2021: How to respawn in "Ghosts of Verdansk"

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It isn't exactly Zombie Royale, but "The Haunting" is back in Warzone for the Halloween season and there's a new limited-time mode for you to tackle: "Ghosts of Verdansk". Dying and becoming a Ghost is all fun and games, but is there a way you can respawn as an Operator?

Well... Yes. There is a way you can do this - here's how.

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HOW TO RESPAWN as an Operator in "Ghosts of Verdansk"

As you might imagine, you can't really win a game of "Ghosts of Verdansk" if you've died and spawned in as a Ghost. This is going to prove detrimental to getting the LAPA SMG - you need to complete all nine Warzone "The Haunting" challenges to get your hands on it. Thankfully, there's a way you can respawn as an Operator in "Ghosts of Verdansk" and it isn't as complicated as you might think.

Much like last year's Zombie Royale, you're going to need to collect three Souls in "Ghosts of Verdansk" if you want to respawn as an Operator during a game.

You can collect souls by killing Operators, or finding them scattered about a particularly busy part of Verdansk. As soon as you collect three, you should be redeployed.

If collecting three Souls sounds like a lot, you can also respawn instantly by collecting a Pure Soul from a Finishing Move. These aren't as easy to perform at the best of times and you can be interrupted once you've started a Finishing Move. However, if you can finish someone off this way you'll get an automatic respawn and drop in as an Operator.

The "Ghosts of Verdansk" limited-time mode will be available throughout the duration of the "The Haunting" event in Warzone - however, some of the in-store bundles are only going to be available for the second week of the event.