How to Fix Whitelist Failure Error in Warzone & Call of Duty

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Folllowing the release of the mid-season update this week, various issues have cropped up in Warzone and other Call of Duty games. When loading up the game, some players were met by a Whitelist Failure Error message with no indication of what it's about. If you're one of those people who are facing it, here's what you need to know about how to fix the Whitelist Failure Error in Warzone and Call of Duty.

It's not something that's coming up for everyone, nor is it something you need to be concerned about. Simply, a player needs to be whitelisted to sign into the Call of Duty servers and it's usually automatic. However, this error is coming up when that process is failing, stopping players logging in.

How to Fix Whitelist Failure Error in Warzone & Call of Duty


While Raven and Activision haven't actively commented on the situation, they're sure to be working on a fix, since it'll be an issue stemming from their end following the release of the mid-season updates.

However, there's something you can do to try and get past it yourself. If you keep closing and restarting the game, you should be able to get back in at some point.

You may not get passed the Whitelist Failure error at the first attempt, or maybe even the second, but it should work eventually if you keep trying.

If all else fails, you'll simply have to wait until Raven fix whatever is wrong in Warzone on their end. If you're sitting tight waiting for that, we'll update you here as soon as there's an official comment on the error and any news on the fix.

Since this is a pretty new error, unlike the others that popped up alongside this new update, so it may take a little longer to fix that we might hope.