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Warzone Error Code 48: How to fix this "Download Failed" issue

It's not something you want to think about, but Warzone is in the worst state we've seen it so far - we thought the Warzone Pacific update would fix the issues that Warzone had, but it feels like it's just made them worse!

There always seems to be a new Warzone issue to fix - if you're having trouble with Warzone Error Code 48, we have the fix for you below.

How to fix Warzone Error Code 48

If you're seeing Warzone's Error Code 48 and a message suggesting that a download has failed, you're not alone. This is starting to pop up a little more in recent weeks, but it's not a new Error Code and it's one you should be able to fix quite quickly.

If you see Error Code 48 in Warzone, all you need to do is exit Warzone and check your application for updates. On PlayStation, you can do this by pressing the options button on Warzone while having it selected on the home screen. On Xbox, you can do this through the Xbox Game Library.

Warzone Error Code 48 Caldera
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This Error Code should only appear when there is an update available that hasn't been automatically downloaded. If you try checking for a title update and there isn't one, or if you install a title update and this Error Code still appears, it might be worth restarting your console to try and fix this issue.

If you're still seeing this issue, then the only other solution seems to be completely removing and re-installing Call of Duty Warzone. This will ensure the newest version is available. We know this isn't ideal, but it's the only way if the previous two steps have failed.

As always, contacting Activision Support might be useful - however, a response could take time and these solutions might help you jump back into Caldera a lot sooner.

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